Renault Captur service plan: Your Renault Captur service solution
Renault Captur Service Plan

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Renault Captur Service Plan

At Group1 Renault we want to ensure that all our Captur customers are happy, and as such we offer a great Renault Captur Service Plan. As trusted and respected Renault dealers we have the knowledge, expertise and staff to provide you with the following:

  • Excellent customer service
  • A top technical team
  • Your car back on the road, where it belongs, in no time

When you buy from us you can be safe in the knowledge that as well as being behind the wheel of a beautiful, powerful and well designed car your Renault Captur servicing needs will be met for the duration of your Captur service plan.

Renault Captur Service Intervals

Upon the purchase of your Captur, we will give you all the information you need about taking care of your car. We understand that it is more than a thing, more than a mode of transport, it is an extension of you and as such needs to be taken care of. This is why we recommend that you stick to the Renault Captur service intervals as specified by your dealer.

When you bring your car to Group1 Renault we will take the utmost care of it and will update your Renault service manual so that you have a full record of all work carried out. Think of your Renault Captur service manual like a passport for your car. Each one of those stamps is important so make sure you remember it when you book your car in.

What you need to know about your Renault Captur Service

At Group1 Renault it is our undertaking to ensure that the only hassle you ever have to deal with is traffic – unfortunately we can’t do much about that! As far as the running of your car is concerned, we are there to ensure a quick, efficient and stress free experience.

We promise you that your Captur service will be smooth sailing all the way but undertaking to:

  • Use only genuine approved Renault parts.
  • Ensure that our highly skilled and excellently trained technicians give your car the care and attention it deserves.
  • Keep you in the loop throughout the process so that you know exactly what is going on.

Our job is ensure your driving pleasure so contact us now and book your car in for it’s next Renault Captur service. Plan ahead!


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