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The Renault brand is one of the fastest growing in South Africa and offers the discerning driver a bit of French Flair, European Stylings and a whole lot of Gallic Passion. With an ever growing selection of vehicles, and more being added all of the time, we’ll never be short of interesting Renault information to share with you. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding the articles you find here, as our dedicated team of Renault professionals will always be on hand to help you.

Renault Illuminates The Future With Glow-In-The-Dark E-Trucks!

Posted by on 14 May 2024 under Renault Trucks

Renault Illuminating Innovation: The E-Tech Diamond Echo

Get ready to witness something truly electrifying as Renault Trucks takes its show on the road with the one-of-a-kind Renault Trucks E-Tech Diamond Echo. This isn’t your typical electric truck – it’s a shining example of innovation and creativity, and it’s about to tour Europe like never before.

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Renault Korea Targets Younger Consumers

Posted by on 10 May 2024 under Electric Vehicles, News, Renault

Renault reaches young Koreans through EWays ElectroPop

Renault Korea is making significant strides in reshaping its brand identity to resonate strongly with the younger demographic. At the centre of this initiative is the imminent debut of its highly anticipated hybrid SUV dubbed Aurora1, set to make its grand entrance at the 2024 Busan International Mobility Show in June.

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All-New Head-Turning Renault Kiger Revealed

Posted by on 06 May 2024 under Renault Kiger

The sub-4 metre SUV segment is one of the most competitive divisions in the SA market. Standing tall amidst this fierce competition is the Renault Kiger – a tough, dynamic SUV with a good balance of efficiency and power. And now, Renault has once again captured the spotlight with the launch of the new 2024 Kiger.

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The Renault Estafette EV: A Futuristic Hippy Van?

Posted by on 30 Apr 2024 under Blog

Renault Estafette Reimagined as an EV

The original Renault Estafette debuted in 1959 and stayed in production until 1986. It was a favourite van among counterculture hippies who embraced its simple, utilitarian style and spacious interior as the perfect vehicle for their nomadic lifestyle. These groovy Estafette ‘hippy vans’ quickly became icons of the Free Love era.

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You Should 100% Become Part of the Renault Tribe(r). Here’s Why!

Posted by on 15 Apr 2024 under Renault Triber

Renault Triber: Your Everyday Hero & Adventure Buddy

Imagine this: it’s Monday morning, and the alarm clock’s shrill ring shatters your dreams. But instead of the usual dread, a spark of excitement ignites. Why? Because you know today’s commute won’t be a soul-crushing slog. You’ll be cruising in your very own Renault Triber, your chariot for transforming the mundane into the memorable.

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Renault’s Circular Economy Vision Revealed At ChangeNow24 Summit

Posted by on 09 Apr 2024 under Renault

Renaulution, ChangeNow24 and what’s to come from Renault

As part of its ambitious “Renaulution” strategic plan, Renault Group is leading the charge towards a greener automotive future. This commitment was prominently displayed at the ChangeNow Summit, which took place from March 25th to 27th at the Grand Palais Ephemere in Paris. Joined by its subsidiary, The Future Is NEUTRAL, Renault showcased their remarkable strides in advancing the circular economy and its roadmap for decarbonising its activities within the automotive sector.

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How Renault Is Driving Change With A Circular Future In Mind

Posted by on 03 Apr 2024 under News

Renault: Driving a Circular Future with Green Innovation

The world is changing, and the way we produce and consume needs to change with it. We’ve only really been driving cars since the early 1900s, and even though Gen Z will have us believe that is forever ago, in the grand scheme of things 120 years is a blip on the radar. Yet, in this short time, vehicles powered by fossil fuels have impacted the planet in countless ways.

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Renault’s New Captur Makes A Grand Entrance In 2024!

Posted by on 20 Mar 2024 under Renault Captur

Renault is gearing up to launch its highly anticipated new Captur crossover across Europe in the coming months. The redesigned Captur will build upon the success of the previous generation with a fresh new look and improved capabilities, making it quite the competitor in its class. Here’s what we know so far.

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The Evolution Of Innovation: From Lego To Reality With Renault’s E-Tech Hybrid Gearbox

Posted by on 11 Mar 2024 under Renault

Renault’s E-Tech Hybrid: From Lego Dreams to Driving Reality

Innovation often springs from the simplest of inspirations. Take Nicolas Fremau, a Renault engineer, who, over a decade ago, found himself tinkering with Lego bricks during a Christmas holiday. Little did he know that his playtime creation would pave the way for a groundbreaking hybrid gearbox, now known as the Renault E-Tech Hybrid system.

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The Amazing Renault Mégane RS 300 Trophy: A Hot Hatch That Has It All

Posted by on 04 Mar 2024 under Renault Megane

What Features Does The Renault Mégane RS 300 Trophy Have?

The Renault Mégane RS 300 Trophy has returned to South Africa, albeit in a limited availability, it’s one hot French hatch that combines breathtaking performance with everyday practicality. This front-wheel drive pocket rocket has some amazing specs, features and must-haves that a car enthusiast could want.

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