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The Renault brand is one of the fastest growing in South Africa and offers the discerning driver a bit of French Flair, European Stylings and a whole lot of Gallic Passion. With an ever growing selection of vehicles, and more being added all of the time, we’ll never be short of interesting Renault information to share with you. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding the articles you find here, as our dedicated team of Renault professionals will always be on hand to help you.

We Compare The New Renault Kiger And The Nissan Magnite

Posted by on 14 Sep 2021 under New Car Launches, Renault Duster, Renault Kiger, Renault Kwid

Front and rear of the Renault Kiger

2021 Renault Kiger SUV

It is a conundrum, but a nice one to have to deal with. We are talking about comparing the brand new, just launched Renault Kiger with the also quite new, recently launched Nissan Magnite. We know a little more about the Magnite than the Kiger, simply because it has been around a few months and we have seen the actual cars at the school drop-off and they are really nice. As someone whose most recent cars were a Nissan (X-Trail) and a Renault (Duster), this writer does not have a preference – both great cars.

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Why Renault Group Collaborates With Firefighters

Posted by on 02 Sep 2021 under General, News, Renault

Firefighter at Renault Group technical centre

Firefighters at Renault Group Engineering

The Renault Group has a unique, life-saving collaboration with firefighters which started back in 2010 with a common commitment to improving safety for everyone. Renault Group is the only car manufacturer that has integrated road rescue teams to aid their work in the field. The objective is to improve the responsiveness of rescue teams when responding to an accident and it’s certainly a game-changer.

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Supermini Of 2021, Again – The Renault Clio

Posted by on 26 Aug 2021 under News, Renault, Renault Clio

NEW Renault Clio

The new Renault Clio is named Supermini of the year

The Renault Clio has been named 2021 Auto Express supermini of the year, again, beating tough competition like the Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 208 and even its sibling the Sandero.

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South Africa Gets The New 2021 Renault Kiger SUV!

Posted by on 18 Aug 2021 under New Car Launches, Renault Kiger

Renault Kiger

The Renault Kiger Is Launching in SA!

Earlier this year, Renault launched their first-ever subcompact SUV, the Renault Kiger in India. It’s based on the same platform as the Nissan Magnite and underpins the Renault Triber which shows it’s in good company. It also means that the Renault Kiger SUV will compete against cars like the Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, Mahindra XUV300 and the Ford EcoSport.

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How Renault Became The World’s Most Colourful Car Brand

Posted by on 12 Aug 2021 under Blog, General, Renault

Francois Farion

Francois Farion – Renault Head Designer (Colours & Materials)

Looking at the roads around you when you’re stuck in traffic in cities like Johannesburg and towns like Stellenbosch, you could be forgiven for thinking that you are in an old-timey black-and-white movie. White, black and grey cars, bakkies and SUVs rule the roost on SA roads, after all.

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The New Group1 Auto Wants To Put You In The Driver’s Seat

Posted by on 06 Aug 2021 under Blog, General

Group1 Auto logo

Group1 Auto rebranding and what it means for YOU

Group 1 Motors has been in the industry for quite some time and earned a good reputation through consistency in service delivery and offering among the best car deals in South Africa. In such a competitive local automotive market, continuous investment is necessary; not only to stand out from the rest but also to give customers the type of service they deserve.

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Exploring The Next Generation Of Renault Electric Vehicles

Posted by on 04 Aug 2021 under Blog, Electric Vehicles, General, News, Renault

Renault Megane e-Vision

Renault Megane e-Vision

With a growing concern over CO2 emissions in the automotive sector, electric vehicles will play an increasingly important role in the future. Many carmakers have already put measures in place to ensure a successful electrification transition and Renault is leading from the front with it’s next-generation of electric vehicles, starting with the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric.

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Making e-Cars More Accessible: Renault Battery-Swopping

Posted by on 27 Jul 2021 under Blog, Electric Vehicles, News, Renault

Renault ZOE and e-battery

Renault battery swopping could change the future of e-vehicles

Have you ever considered purchasing an e-vehicle? There are so many great reasons to invest in an electric car – it’s better for the environment, requires less frequent maintenance, and runs much more quietly.

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The SUV We Love, But Even Better – The 2021 Renault Duster

Posted by on 19 Jul 2021 under New Car Launches, Renault Duster

2021 Renault Duster

The Renault Duster Is The SUV You Need

SUVs are nice. Everybody wants an SUV. Everybody buys an SUV. But jeez, they are expensive! Okay, some are cheaper, but with cheap, nasty is usually not far behind. Jumped up hatchbacks with a couple of decals. You also get the OTT models with a million bits and bobs that cost the same as a farm in Clifton. There are some SUVs that are proper SUVs, drives like an SUV should, full of luxury and safety features, but at a decent price. The leader of this group, the best value for money, is the Renault Duster. Twenty-one thousand buyers cannot all be wrong.

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4-Star Global NCAP Safety Rating For The Renault Triber

Posted by on 09 Jul 2021 under News, Renault Triber

Renault Tribers

The Renault Triber boasts 4-star safety

Car crashes are accidents waiting to happen. You drive on the road with others, which means you are at the mercy of chance. But there are two things you can do: you can drive as safely and defensively as possible to lessen the chances of an accident, and you can get a car that will give you proper protection in the event of an accident.

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