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The Renault brand is one of the fastest growing in South Africa and offers the discerning driver a bit of French Flair, European Stylings and a whole lot of Gallic Passion. With an ever growing selection of vehicles, and more being added all of the time, we’ll never be short of interesting Renault information to share with you. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding the articles you find here, as our dedicated team of Renault professionals will always be on hand to help you.

Renault Kwid Hatchback Becomes A Hybrid-Electric Vehicle

Posted by on 15 Oct 2020 under General, News, Renault, Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid Turned Hybrid-Electric Vehicle

We all know and love the budget-friendly, fully-loaded Renault Kwid but now, this little hatchback has been modified into a hybrid-electric vehicle.

First launched in 2015, the entry-level Renault Kwid got a welcome face-lift last year and is currently available in South Africa with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine. Abroad, the automaker has also produced a 799 cc three-cylinder petrol engine which has now been modified into a hybrid-electric vehicle.

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Uber Goes Big-Time EV With Renault And Nissan

Posted by on 08 Oct 2020 under Electric Vehicles, News, Renault, Renault Zoe

Uber | Groupe Renault

Uber Looks To Renault/Nissan To Go Electric

There are two good reasons to move to electric vehicles (EVs). They are much cheaper to run than comparable internal combustion engine models and they are far greener, even when charged from coal power stations. Oh, but wait! They are very expensive to buy, lack range, and take forever to charge up again. Or are they?

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Exploring Renault Duster Variations And SA’s TechRoad Spec

Posted by on 30 Sep 2020 under Renault, Renault Duster

Blue Renault Duster

2020 Renault Duster

The Renault Duster has been a popular choice in South Africa since its launch in 2013 selling more than 21 000 cars. It’s come a long way since then as the local line-up now consists of several variants, including the 1.6-litre petrol Renault Duster Expression 4×2, Dynamic 1.5dCI 4×4, Prestige 1.5dCi EDC and the latest addition, the Renault Duster TechRoad spec.

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The Origin Of E-Tech: Part II – Renault Type A

Posted by on 22 Sep 2020 under Blog, General, Renault

Renault Type A With Dog Gearbox

Renault Type A With Dog Gearbox

In part I of this series we talked about gearbox specialist Nicolas Fremau using Lego to design and refine his solutions to integrating electric and internal combustion propulsion to allow these to work seamlessly together, and at the same time create the foundation for the cars of the future.

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Celebrating The Renault Clio: 30 Years Of Memories

Posted by on 15 Sep 2020 under News, Renault, Renault Clio, Renault History

New Renault Clio and Renault Clio I

New Renault CLIO E-TECH Hybrid and Renault CLIO I

Very few people don’t know about the Renault Clio whether it’s the first model from 1990 or the latest Renault Clio V. Whether you own one or not, there’s no denying the significant impact this little hatchback has had over the years and will likely continue for some time.

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The Renault Sandero Stepway Is Getting A Techroad Model

Posted by on 08 Sep 2020 under New Car Launches, News, Renault Sandero

Renault Sandero 2020

2020 Renault Sandero

The Renault Sandero Stepway is a firm favourite in the South African smaller crossover segment, competing with the likes of the Polo Cross. It gives you the economy and price level of a good hatch, but with the added nice of its SUV-like look and feel, a higher driving position and a bit more space. And it looks way better than the Logan on which it was based on way back in its first generation in 2007.

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The Origin Of E-Tech: Part I – LEGO

Posted by on 31 Aug 2020 under Blog, Renault, Renault History

LEGO Renault Gearbox

Renault LEGO Gearbox

LEGO has many uses. It teaches children fine and gross motor coordination, as well as creating stuff in three dimensions. It also teaches parents of children who play with LEGO not to walk around barefoot at night. This is the story of an adult who used LEGO to solve a crucial puzzle blocking hybrid cars.

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The Small Renault 5 Design That Changed Everything

Posted by on 21 Aug 2020 under General, Renault

Renault 5

The Renault 5

It’s probably been a while since anyone has mentioned the Renault 5 but there’s no time like the present to give credit where credit is due. Indeed, some of you may not know what the Renault 5 is but rest assured this little car played a big part in changing automotive design.

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An Electric Skateboard And The Future Of The Car

Posted by on 14 Aug 2020 under Blog, Electric Vehicles, News

Renault CMF-EV Platform and Electric SUV

Groupe Renault Working on CMF-EV Platform

The Renault Zandar. There is not much story here and there is a lot of story here. The not-much story is that Renault will launch a new all-electric SUV, possibly called the Zandar, next year, about the size of the Renault Captur and with a range of 300 – 500km and power output of 95 to 147kW. It will probably look a bit like the Morphoz concept. Ja well no fine. Too many ‘abouts’ and ‘maybes’ there.

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Renault Google Cloud Deal To Accelerate Industry 4.0

Posted by on 06 Aug 2020 under News, Renault

Renault Partners With Google Cloud

Groupe Renault Has Teamed Up With Google Cloud

Groupe Renault has announced a strategic industrial and technological collaboration with Google Cloud to help digitise their production facilities, supply chains and accelerate Renault’s transformation to Industry 4.0.

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