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2020 Renault Duster from Group 1 Renault

2020 Renault

Price from R 254,800
or R 3,599pm T&C’s apply

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  • 2020 Duster
    Expression 1.6 4×2

    From R 254,800
    or R 3,599pm*

    WAS R260,900
    NOW R254,800
    SAVE R6,100


    • ABS + Emergency Brake Assist
    • Driver and Passenger Airbag
    • Radio/CD/MP3/USB player with Bluetooth®
    • Steering Wheel Controls
    • Front Electric Windows
    • Electronic Stability Control
    • Hill Start Assist
    • Cruise control

  • 2020 Duster
    TechRoad 1.5 dCi 4X2

    From R 297,800
    or R 3,999pm*


    • Same as Dynamique 1.5dCi 4×2
    • Red Stripe on Side Mirror
    • TechRoad Side Decals
    • 17″ Alloy Wheels
    • Seats with Red Detailing
    • Interior with Red Detailing

  • 2020 Duster
    Dynamique 1.5dCi EDC

    From R 321,800
    or R 4,299pm*


    • Same as Dynamique 1.5dCi 4×2
    • EDC Gearbox

  • 2020 Duster
    TechRoad 1.5 dCi EDC

    From R 331,800
    or R 4,399pm*


    • Same as Dynamique 1.5dCi EDC
    • Red Stripe on Side Mirror
    • TechRoad Side Decals
    • 17″ Alloy Wheels
    • Seats with Red Detailing
    • Interior with Red Detailing

  • 2020 Duster
    Dynamique 1.5dCi 4×4

    From R 332,800
    or R 4,699pm*


    • Same as Dynamique 1.5dCi 4×2
    • 4×4 Transmission
    • 4×4 Information
    • Hill Descent Control

  • 2020 Duster
    Prestige 1.5dCi EDC

    From R 339,800
    or R 4,599pm*


    • Same as Dynamique 1.5dCi EDC
    • Chrome Door Mirrors
    • 17″ Alloy Wheels
    • Drawer Under Passenger Seat
    • Blind Spot Warning
    • Hill Descent Control
    • Reversing camera
    • MultiView camera

The Renault Duster monthly installment reflected for each model above is subject to *Terms and Conditions

Our Latest Used Renault Duster Vehicles

Renault Duster

Renault Duster – Live Life!

The term joie de vivre (exuberant enjoyment of life) perfectly sums up the emotion you’ll feel when you get behind the wheel of a 2018 Renault Duster. This sleek, yet powerful SUV is perfectly suited for those who crave an exciting outdoor life. In fact, the Duster is possibly the most masculine vehicle Renault has ever built, one that will allow you to unlock all of the adventures that living in a country like South Africa offers. Available in both 4×2 and 4×4 variants, the Renault Duster offers you the choice of both urban and off-road driving, as well as three distinct vehicle trim and accessory levels – the Expression, the Dynamique and the Prestige!

ABS, Emergency Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Control with Hill Start Assist and Driver and Passenger Airbags come as standard in the Duster, which means that your safety is never compromised. This will allow you to take on South African roads, or even the bushveld, in a way that will always add to your driving enjoyment.

Bold, sporty and built with rugged good looks, the 2020 Renault Duster is your key to unlocking adventure! With unmatched fuel efficiency and proven Renault reliability, why not live the good life and test drive a Duster at Group 1 Renault today!

Duster Technology

A new look SUV is expected to include all of the latest vehicle technology and the Duster has that and then some. With a full house of safety and comfort tech as standard, the only question you should be asking here is not what does the Renault Duster have, but is there anything it doesn’t?

Duster Styling

Plenty has already been said about the masculine looks of the Duster, but there is also a roguish charm about this vehicle that’ll have the general SA driver going gaga over it. Its stylings will not look out of place in either the school parking lot or the African bushveld, with both actually being an option thanks to excellent on and off-road capabilities.

Duster Driving & Handling

With a choice of either a 1.6-litre petrol or 1.5 dCi turbo diesel, both with shifting torque and six-speed manual transmissions, there is very little that the Renault Duster cannot handle. Both engines do exactly what is expected of them, but with Renault’s well-respected small-capacity turbo diesel expertise coming into play here we feel that the Diesel version of the Duster ever so slightly pips the Petrol version to the driving and handling post.

Overall Thoughts on the Duster

Simply put, the Renault Duster is a very good SUV that is exceptional value for money. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything else in the local car market that offers everything the Duster does at the price it is available at. It is also exceptionally safe and economical, which in terms of South African driving conditions is a huge advantage over all of its rivals.

Renault Duster Specials

One of South Africa’s top selling vehicles just got a whole lot more affordable thanks to our current Renault Duster Specials. For more information on these and other great Group 1 Renault Specials, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter or join us on our Group 1 Renault Facebook page.

Renault Duster Fuel Consumption Chart

Renault Duster Fuel Consumption*

An SUV that is economical to run is a rarity, but that is exactly what you’ll get when you decide to purchase and experience the amazing Renault Duster Reliability. So much so, that even in 4×4 mode you’ll be surprised at how frugal the 1.5dCi engine is:

Consumption rates Urban Cycle Extra Urban Cycle
1.6 16V 8.8 L/100 km* 5.9 L/100 km*
1.5 dCi 4×2 5.7 L/100 km* 4.9 L/100 km*
1.5 dCi EDC 5.2 L/100 km* 4.5 L/100 km*
1.5 dCi 4×4 5.6 L/100 km* 5.0 L/100 km*

*Subject to our Fuel Consumption Disclaimer

Renault Duster Colours

Atacama Orange

Duster Safety Features

Tough, safe and ready for anything

  • ABS + Emergency Brake Assist
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Front driver and passenger airbag
  • ESP – 4×4 Model Only
  • Height-adjustable front seat belts
  • New-generation fixed front headrests
  • Third 3-point rear seat belt (inertia reel)
  • 3 rear headrests (central curved head-rest)
  • Full size spare wheel

Duster Dimensions

The 2020 Renault Duster is BIG on space:

  • Wheelbase: 2,674(x2) & 2676(4×4)
  • Overall Length: 4,341
  • Overall Width: 1,804

Duster Colours

Experience the colours of life in a Renault Duster:

  • White
  • Platinum Silver*
  • Dune Beige*
  • Cosmos Blue*
  • Comet Grey*
  • Pearlescent Black*
  • Atacama Orange*


Frequently Asked Renault Duster Questions and Answers

Which Renault Duster should I buy?

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With four model variants to choose from, namely the 1.6 16V 4X2, the 1.5 dCi 4X2, the 1.5 dCi 4X2 EDC and the 1.5 dCi 4X4, you’re literally going to be spoilt for choice! But at the end of the day you’ll need to choose between a single petrol driven Duster and three Diesel Duster options (one of which comes with an EDC automatic transmission). Additionally, if you are looking for a 4×4 model variant, there is also one of those to choose from. If you would like our recommendation however, we would suggest that you take a look at the top of the range Prestige 1.5dCi EDC. It is packed full of all of the features you would expect in a vehicle of this class, plus a whole lot more extra features such as Chrome Door Mirrors, 17″ Alloy Wheels, a Blind Spot Warning System, Hill Descent Control, and both a Reversing as well as a MultiView Camera.

What are the variants of the Renault Duster?

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The Renault Duster is available in four model variants and three trim levels, namely the Expression, Dynamique and the Prestige Trim Levels. Please take a look at the model variant and trim level breakdown close to the top of this page for a breakdown of the differences of price and specs for each vehicle. Alternatively you can download our latest Renault Duster Brochure using the download tab at the top right of this page.

What is the top of the range Renault Duster?

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The vehicle at the top of the Duster range is the Prestige 1.5dCi EDC! This vehicle needs to be experienced firsthand if you are to truly enjoy the benefit of owning a quality SUV. Please contact us today to book a test drive of this exceptional Renault vehicle.

Is the Renault Duster available in diesel?

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Yes, there are three Diesel Duster Model Variants available, with all three utilising Renaults 1,461cc Turbocharged Diesel Engine to power it. There is also one Petrol-powered engine option available.

What transmission is available in the Renault Duster?

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There are three model-dependant transmission options to choose from. These are the Manual 5-Speed Transmission, the EDC Automatic 6-Speed Transmission and the Manual 6-Speed Transmission.

Is there an automatic transmission version available in the Renault Duster?

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Yes, there is an EDC Automatic 6-Speed Transmission available in the Dynamique 1.5dCi EDC, as well as the Prestige 1.5dCi EDC.

What are the safety features in the Renault Duster?

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Standard safety features in the Renault Duster Range include ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBA (Emergency Brake Assist), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Hill Start Assist, Driver and Passenger Front Airbag and a 3rd Rear 3-point Seat Belt.

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