Group1 Renault | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Group1 Renault Questions

What are the advantages of using Group1 Renault?
Quite simply, you get to deal with a group of people who believe that customer service is what grows a successful business. That means you can rely on us to keep our promises and we’ll always endeavour to provide you with the best vehicle deal possible. If you’re happy with our service then we’d be delighted if you told your friends about it.

Do you do regular offers and promotions?
Yes, we schedule exclusive Group1 Renault special deals of our own as well as supporting special promotions from Renault South Africa. Find out more about our latest Renault deals and specials by going to our Group1 Renault Specials page.

Where are you located?
You can find us in the Western Cape in Stellenbosch . We also regularly sell and deliver vehicles to customers all over South Africa so be sure to contact us no matter where in South Africa you may be.

Do you only do used Renault vehicles?
No. We stock quality used cars from all manufacturers.

What assurances do I get on used vehicles?
Whether Renault or not, any used car you buy from Group1 Renault is sure to have been carefully sourced and checked. You can even bring your vehicle back to us for as long as you own it for free roadworthy checks.

Are you Renault experts?
Oh yes! As you might expect, we have a great deal of knowledge of the Renault range of vehicles. But we are also comprised of people who have a true passion and enthusiasm for the Renault brand and just about everything else Renault. Put us to the test by visiting one of our showrooms or service centres to find out more.

Do you know about other cars too?
Yes. We’re motor dealer professionals and have detailed knowledge of all kinds of vehicles and specifications, both new and used. We also service non-Renault vehicles for a number of clients in our service centres.

How do I book for a service?
Just give us a call and we’ll book your car in for you. Alternatively, you can click through to the book a service page on this site, send us the relevant details and we will call you back. Be sure to let us know the odometer reading and any particular issues you are experiencing with your car so we can check it out when you arrive.

Can you provide a trade-in value on my car?
Yes. Getting the best and most accurate valuation on your car is essential for getting value on a new purchase and planning any finance you may need. Click here to request a Trade-in Valuation from our experienced staff.

Where does Renault sit compared with other motor manufacturers?
Today, Renault cars offer some of the best value for money vehicles on the market. Renault’s real value lies in its ever-improving reliability and product range, as well as the fact that you get real quality without having to pay a premium.

What’s the current range of Renault cars, crossovers and people movers?
Everything from the Renault Clio, Renault Sandero and Renault Megane to the Renault Captur and true-blood SUV like the Renault Duster are available in South Africa. We are also constantly introducing new vehicles to the Renault range, including the soon to be launched, Renault Kadjar and the Talisman.

What’s the current range of Renault sports utility vehicles?
All of the best (not to mention most desirable) Renault SUV superstars are available on our showroom floors! This includes the Renault Duster, Renault Captur and the Renault Sandero Stepway.

What’s the current range of Renault commercial vehicles?
Check out workhorses like the Renault Kangoo Express Light Commercial vehicle and the Renault Trafic Panel Van.

How reliant are your fuel consumption figures?
These figures are always gathered under certain testing conditions and therefore may differ in other circumstances, however they offer a good baseline figure for comparisons. Please also keep in mind that these figures have been provided by Renault SA and have been published by Group1 in good faith.

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