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Vehicle Trade in and Book Value

So you’ve decided to trade your older model vehicle in and replace it with a Renault, but first you’d like to know what the book value is? Well then you’ve come to the right place! Because with some of the best vehicle evaluators in the business and a reputation for always offering a fair price, we will always endeavour to quickly help you exchange your car for a cash deposit on a new one. To find out more about what the potential value of your vehicle might be, please fill in yours and your vehicles details on the left.

Renault Book Value Explained

Ever wondered what it means when people or dealership staff refer to the book value of your car? The explanation is thankfully rather simple, as it means “the actual cash value of your vehicle as an asset”. As we all know the value of your Car, Crossover, SUV or LCV depreciates over time due to wear and everyday general vehicle use. To help determine this there is a set value that will be offered to you when you decide to trade in your vehicle. This book or vehicle trade in value is determined by a number of different factors which will be noted by the person doing the trade in assessment. They include, but are not limited to:

  • The vehicle brand
  • What vehicle model type
  • Additional features found in or on the vehicle
  • The physical age of the vehicle (the year it was manufactured)
  • Vehicle mileage (the lower the more expensive the vehicle becomes)
  • How you honestly rate your vehicles condition

Please Note! When you submit your details requesting a trade in evaluation our assessment team will not be able to give you a 100% accurate trade in value. This is because we would have to actually see the vehicle in person before coming to a final figure. However the book value we give you via our website is a very good indicator of what it might be. Please however ensure that you are 100% honest when submitting your digital trade in here, as only then can we give you the most accurate Group1 Renault Trade in Evaluation.

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