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Renault Fleet Sales To Drive Your Business

More and more companies pick Renault Fleet Sales to meet their transport and travel needs, as South African businesses need efficient and affordable vehicles. We have Renault fleet cars and commercial vehicles to satisfy every need and budget to build your Renault fleet.

People think you have to buy dozens of the same vehicles to get the maximum financial benefit, but this is simply not true. Speak to our Renault Fleet Vehicle Sales team about different levels of executive vehicles, cars for your reps, and transport and delivery vehicles. Your Renault fleet can be tailored to your specific needs, and you will still qualify for the price benefit of your Renault Fleet Service.

The perception is that vehicle fleets are for national and local government and courier companies. Renault fleet car sales cater for these, but also for any other business, big and small, from a couple of Kwids to a hundred Tribers.

If you need expert advice on which Renault Fleet Cars to choose, please speak to one of our knowledgeable Renault fleet car sales staff.

Renault Fleet: Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles used to transport goods or equipment still form the backbone of many company fleets. The transport vehicle must be a large, efficient box with wheels, but safe and comfortable to drive and economical to operate.

Renault Trafic

The Renault Trafic is our bigger box on wheels. It can carry 1200kg, has a 6m³ volume and can carry cargo 2.8m long on the floor. It has large rear and side doors. The Trafic is ideal for couriers that need to carry bulky loads, large scale plumbers and electricians, and the like.

Renault Kangoo*

If you require a smaller box on wheels, the Renault Kangoo is for you. The 800kg payload, 3m³ cargo volume and versatile back and side doors make it the ideal delivery vehicle for someone like a florist, local courier, or any trade that has to transport bulky equipment. *Pre-owned models only.

Renault Fleet: Executive And Reps’ Cars

In the old days, executives had to drive rather stuffy, expensive saloons. People change, perceptions change and our needs have changed as well. The SUV and sexy hatchback are seen as aspirational choices for leaders driven by driving.


Renault Koleos

Big, bold and luxurious, the Renault Koleos is equally at home at the head office and the hills. With three trim levels to choose from, including 4×4, all the safety and luxury features, and the ease and economy of CVT transmission, the Koleos will serve any Renault fleet well.

Renault Kiger

The Renault Kiger compact SUV is another great option for a Renault fleet. It offers a spacious and comfortable interior and a range of advanced safety features that can help protect employees while on the job.

The Kiger’s fuel-efficient engine and low emissions make it an eco-friendly choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, the Kiger’s rugged design and capable performance make it well-suited for use in various industries and business applications, including delivery services, construction, and more.

Overall, the Renault Kiger is a reliable and versatile choice for businesses looking to add a fleet of vehicles to their operations.

Renault Duster

The very desirable Renault Duster offers several levels of executive transport. It has five trim levels in petrol and diesel, with the mighty turbodiesel 4×4 and the luxury Prestige the top choices. The big boot and excellent fuel consumption make the Duster an excellent choice for a senior rep.

The Renault Sandero and Captur are brilliant Renault fleet choices for reps and middle management.


Renault Megane

The sleek Renault Megane will take your executives around in considerable style, comfort and safety, giving your three trim levels to choose from. It is also a firm favourite among reps that spend their days on the road.

If, however, your executives want to make more of a statement, they may want to look at the Renault Megane RS range. Inspired by racing and rally, the RS range could potentially take you to your next meeting in excess of 250km/h. A 221kW engine and 6-speed manual or EDC clutch also mean adding this Renault to your fleet can get you where you need to be quicker and in superb style.

Renault Clio

The smaller Renault Clio is a popular choice for businesses looking to add a compact and efficient vehicle to their fleet. Its small size and fuel-efficient engine make it well-suited for urban environments, where it can easily navigate through busy streets and park in tight spaces. The Renault Clio also offers a range of advanced safety features which are often important considerations for businesses looking to improve the safety of their employees while on the road.

Ideal for the rep that drives a lot, but still wants to make a statement. Adding this great little hatchback to your range of Renault fleet cars is a smart and economical choice for many businesses. Find out more about the great specifications and features of the Clio, or get in touch with our Renault Vehicle Sales team for more information.

Renault Kwid

The Renault Kwid is a compact hatchback that can be an excellent choice for businesses looking to add a small, economical and affordable fleet vehicle. Its small size and fuel efficiency make it ideal for busy reps cruising urban environments and with decent interior space, it can be used to transport smaller goods. With a low cost of ownership and strong reliability, the Renault Kwid can help businesses minimise maintenance expenses.

Renault Fleet: Staff Transport

The seven-seater Renault Triber is ideal for a company driver. The versatile interior can fit quite large boxes and packages, while the seven seats are ideal to take staff to a meeting or collect from the airport. The nippy Renault Kwid is the ideal cost-effective choice for a driver doing general drop off and collecting trips.

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No matter what fleet you need, take a look at the fleet vehicle options from Renault and speak with our Renault car sales team for expert advice, recommendations and superior Renault Fleet service.


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