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Why Renault

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Why Renault is the brand for you

The reason why Renault is the brand for you is because our cars are the perfect combination of French style and Formula 1 engine technology, Renault cars are beyond compare when it comes to driving pleasure, comfort and superior safety. At Group 1 Renault we offer not only a full range of Renault models, but quality service and expert advice from our professional and well trained staff. Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle, or even a fleet, we are on hand to help. We pride ourselves with our customer service, and proudly stand behind our brand. At Renault we are renowned for high manufacturing standards and cutting edge design and technology that makes up our vehicles, and that is the reason why the Renault make is the one for your.

The Renault brand promise

The Renault brand promise came about because we care about our customers, and we undertake to provide not only world class cars, but world class service too. So, to this end we have committed to the following three things:

  • Our Commitment – we are 110% committed to going the extra mile for our customers. We believe that service is a vital part of the job, and as such we have ensured that when you walk into a Renault dealership you will be greeted and offered the level of service that reflects this great brand.
  • Renault Quality – our four point formula of listen, guarantee, listen and serve gives our customers the assurance that they are getting the best quality service, and this why Renault reliability is renowned throughout the industry.
  • Parts: Prices and Availability – Renault parts are very competitively priced in the market. Thanks to the growing number of dealerships across South Africa, the availability of parts is very rarely an issue. As part of our ongoing policy to ensure a happy customer experience, should there be an issue with part availability we will do our utmost to assist with finding a transport solution.

Renault Safety

If ever faced with the question, is Renault a good brand, all you have to do is examine our safety record. One of the only brands with 12 models to have been awarded 5 stars in the Euro NCAP Safety Crash Test, we are constantly striving for new ways to keep you safe, you can trust that well known Renault reliability.

Contact us know to get behind the wheel of Renault

The reason why Renault is such a great car brand is simple, the brand represents a passion for life. In order to experience the thrill, the pleasure and the feeling of va va voom, contact one of our expertly trained team for more information.


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