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Renault Triber Service

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Renault Triber Service

With guaranteed top-level customer service and Renault trained technicians on hand at all times to assist you, there is always going to be a good reason to have your Renault Triber Service in Cape Town and Johannesburg performed at Group1 Renault! From your First Renault Triber Service onwards we promise to treat your vehicle as if it was our own and provide only the very best in Renault Triber Maintenance and service care at all times.

Why is Reanult Triber Maintenance Important?

If you want to enjoy the very best out of your vehicle in terms of reliability, economy and safety, then you need to have your Renault Triber undergo regular maintenance. Additionally, a regular Renault Triber Maintenance and Sevice History is an essential factor when calculating the resale value of your vehicle when it comes time to trade it in. The regular maintenance of your Triber is part of a predetermined 15 000km service interval Renault Triber Maintenace Schedule and it is very important that these services are only performed at an Accredited Renault Service Centre such as those at Group1.

Renault Triber Minor Service

A Minor Triber Service helps to ensure that continual optimum running of your vehicle and allows our technicians to run a diagnostics check as well as perform the following Minor Triber Service parts and consumable replacements:

  • The replacement of the engine oil
  • The replacement of the oil filter
  • The replacement of the brake fluid
  • The replacement of the clutch fluid
  • The replacement of the cabin air pollen filter
  • The addition of a Fuel Additive

Renault Triber Major Service

A Renault Triber Major Service is a step up from the Minor service in that it takes into account not only many of the checks done during the minor service but also includes a Full Renault Triber Diagnostic Scan as well as the checking and replacement of the following items and consumables:

  • Checking the air conditioning system
  • Checking the battery condition
  • Checking brake lines, hoses, and connections
  • Checking and adjusting brake pads, callipers, and discs
  • Checking the engine cooling system
  • Checking the drive belt, driveshaft and CV boots
  • Checking the exhaust system
  • Checking of the front suspension and ball joints
  • Checking the fuel filter, fuel lines, hoses, and all other fuel connections
  • Checking the fuel tank air filter
  • Checking the transmission
  • Checking the parking brake
  • Checking the steering gear rack, linkage and boots
  • Checking the vapour hoses and fuel filler cap

Please Note! If any issues are found during our service and inspection no work will be performed on your vehicle without prior consent. We will always keep you informed about any mechanical issues, although rare, that we pick up during the course of our Reanult Triber Service and Diagnostic Scan.

Renault Triber Maintenance Cost

Renault rates as one of South Africa’s best affordable parts pricing brands and this reflects in our Renault Triber Maintenance Costs. However, there is an even more affordable way for you to keep your Renault Triber Service Costs down with the following options:

Renault Triber Service Plan

A Service Plan reduces the costs of servicing your Renault Triber because the price of the plan is fixed when purchasing the vehicle. There are NO inflationary price increases on both labour and parts for as long as the Triber Service Plan is active.

Renault Triber Maintenance Plan

The best of the best, a full Maintenance Plan provides you with complete peace-of-mind as it covers all service, maintenance and labour costs over a predetermined contractual period of time*.

Book Your Renault Triber Service

Book Your Renault Triber Service and maintenance at one of our Group1 Service centres in Cape Town or Johannesburg today! Feel free to contact us to ensure that you receive only the very best in Accredited Renault Service customer care.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.


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