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Renault Sandero Service – What You Need to Know!

One of the first questions many first time Sandero owners ask is “why must I do a regular Renault Sandero Service?” To answer this question one simply needs to take a look at the Renault Service Video that we have provided below to see that a regular service will help ensure years of hassle free driving while also helping to protect your Renault Sandero resale value.

Did you know that a regularly serviced car is also a safer car? This is because our highly trained Renault Service Staff pay the utmost attention to checking some of the most important safety and mechanical features in your vehicle. This not only helps to prevent critical failures, but over time will also allow you to preempt any possible future problems before they arrive (therefore saving you money). Safeguard your family and your vehicle today and book your Renault Sandero Service at Group1 in Johannesburg or Stellenbosch!

Renault Sandero Service Intervals

Thanks to the reliability of this amazing family vehicle your regular Renault Sandero Service Intervals of 15 000km will allow you to make the most of your car. This fuel friendly car is immensely popular in South Africa because of this and you can find out more information about the service intervals, along with a host of other Sandero Service Information, in your Sandero Service Manual.

Why Book Your Renault Sandero Servicing With Us?

From the very first moment you drive your Renault Sandero into our Service centre you’ll notice the difference between us and many other South African dealerships. This is because our Renault Certified Automotive Technicians pride themselves on their technical knowhow and dedication to the Renault brand, and this shows in everything that they do. Take advantage of your current Sandero Maintenance Plan and and book your Sandero into our service centre today! Even if your maintenance assistance has elapsed, we can guarantee you some of the most affordable Renault mechanical and electronic repair prices in the country.

The Advantages of a Renault Sandero Service

When you have your Renault Sandero Serviced by us you’ll get to enjoy a 1 year parts and labour warranty on all work that was performed by our technicians on your Sandero. Not only that, but we have a Fixed Price Renault Sandero Service Menu, which will ensure that there are no hidden or unexpected costs incurred during the maintenance process.

Save Time & Money With a Renault Sandero Service Plan

With a 2 Year / 30 000km Renault Sandero Service Plan available to you, you can help ensure that your vehicle receives the best attention at regular intervals in as cost effective manner as possible. If you would like to find out more, simply contact us at our Stellenbosch or Johannesburg showrooms and ask to speak to any of our friendly new vehicle sales staff.


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