Renault Megane vs Renault Clio: Let the games begin
Renault Megane vs Renault Clio

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Renault Megane vs Renault Clio

There has been much talk about the Clio vs Megane. The French car giants have produced two cars that while vaguely comparable also offer totally different attractions to prospective car buyers. We have pitted the Renault Megane against the Renault Clio in this heavyweight bout to see what the differences are and where each model’s strength lies.

In the one corner we have the sporty, rather sophisticated Megane, and in the other corner is the zippy, fun Clio. In a contest between Megane vs Clio, both these contenders are bring their own special flair to the fight, making them fairly evenly matched.

It is only once you break down the Renault Clio vs Megane that you can really see what each model is up against in this heavyweight bout.

Renault Megane

Available in three models, the Dynamique, GT-Line Turbo and GT Turbo, the Renault Megane is a hatchback crossed with a sports car. Sophisticated, safe and rather grown up, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the Megane is in fact a family car. The comfortable and luxurious interior make for a smooth and comfortable ride, and kitted out with Renault’s standard safety features you will feel protected and secure.

The Megane’s turbo engine is designed with both economy and power in mind. While reasonably good on petrol it definitely has some kick.

We have made a comparison between the three models so you can see for yourself:

Dynamique Petrol 81 kW 151 Nm 6-speed manual
GT-Line Turbo Petrol 97 kW 225 Nm* 6-speed manual
GT Turbo Petrol 162 kW 340 Nm 6-speed manual

Created in typical French style, the design is cutting edge and stylish. The Megane has a certain je ne sais quoi about it that only Renault are capable of creating.Here is a break down of all the specs for the three different models:

Dynamique GT-Line Turbo GT Turbo
ABS + EBD + EBA + ESP Stop/Start functionality 162kW Turbo Engine
Front, side and curtain airbags Renault Sport display dials 18″ GT alloy wheels
Integrated LIVE Navigation Leather/fabric sports seats High performance tyres
Bluetooth telephony GT bumpers and rear diffuser Sport specific chassis and suspension settings
Radio/CD/MP3 with USB, AUX-IN ports GT door handles and mirror casings Renault Sport door sills
Cruise control + speed limiter Sport pedals
Dual-zone climate control 17″ GT-Line alloy wheels
Rear park assist

Renault Clio

Designed with youth in mind, the Renault Clio has a certain level of va va voom that you associate with youth. This car embodies the French spirit, that is to say it is flirty, flamboyant and packs a certain amount of attitude, all the while providing sheer driving bliss. The Clio is definitely the sort of car you want for nipping about in when you live in the city. It is car to be seen in, to be enjoyed. It really does take the hassle out of driving. With overboost feature as standard the Clio’s engine power output can be pushed up by 4kW to 70kW in times of emergency, for 40 seconds. This little number not only gets you from A to B is a flash, but is also economical. The Clio comes in two engine variations:

1.2 16V 75 55 kW 107 Nm 5-speed manual 1.2 16V 75
ENERGY TCe 90 60 kW / 70kW* 135 Nm / 150 Nm* 5-speed manual ENERGY TCe 90

There are three models of Renault Clio: the Authentique, Expression and Dynamique. We have done a comparison so that you can see what’s what.

Authentique Expression Dynamique
ABS + Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) Body-coloured wing mirror shells All the features of the other two models
Speed Limiter- Cruise Control Passion 16? alloy wheel rims Drenalic 17? alloy wheel rims
Hill Start Assist (HSA) ECO Driving Mode Dark Carbon padded fabric upholstery
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Media Nav® multimedia system Fixed glass roof
Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
Driver, Passenger, Front & Side Airbags
Isofix 3-Point Attachment Systems
Anti-Submarining System (Fix4sure)

The Renault Megane vs Renault Clio: The Final Word

Comparing the Megane vs Clio is all very well, but it is very hard to come up with a clear winner – both these cars are built to such exacting standards and have benefitted from the expertise of some of the best people in the business. Whether you are looking at the design of the Clio vs Megane or the technology, whether the safety features or the engine capabilities, both these cars are winners and are a cut above the rest. There is only one way to determine who comes out on top between the Renault Clio vs Renault Megane, and that is to get behind the wheels of each and decide for yourself.

So, after the battle of the Renault Megane vs Renault Clio you can see that they are very evenly matched one, and the winner at the end of the day comes down to personal choice. To decide for yourself, contact us for a test drive today.


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