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Renault Koleos Service in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Welcome to our Renault Koleos Service page! Here you can not only book your Koleos in for a service, but you can find out more about why it is a good idea to regularly service your Koleos when indicated by the manufacturers Renault Koleos Service Schedule. For your convenience, we offer 3 service centre destinations where you can have your Koleos Service performed. These are at our Group1 Renault Service Centres in Stellenbosch in Cape Town and Gleneagles in Johannesburg.

Renault Koleos Maintenance Cost

Although we do have predefined Renault Koleos Maintenance Costs, these Koleos Service Prices can be influenced by technical or mechanical issues which are from time to time found during the service of a vehicle. Although rare, these issues will need to undergo possible Renault Koleos Repairs and this, in turn, will have an effect on the Koleos Service Cost. Please note however that at no point in time will we perform any unsanctioned repairs on your vehicle. Any potential additional vehicle repairs will always be discussed with you before we undertake them. This will also include a discussion about potential Renault Koleos Maintenance Cost implications.

Why Have a Regular Koleos Service?

It is important to follow the vehicle service guidelines laid out in the official Renault Koleos Service Schedule which can be found in the vehicle owners documentation. Not only does the following of the correct Renault Koleos Service Intervals ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle at all times, but it also helps the vehicle retain a better resale value if you decide to trade it in at a later date.

When Does A Koleos Need to be Serviced?

Within your vehicle owners pack you receive when purchasing your New Renault Koleos you will find the maintenance schedule which will inform you both when your vehicle must be serviced as well as the type of service that will be needed. The current generation Koleos Service Interval is every 15 000kms. For your convenience, we have put together a high-level overview of the two types of Koleos Services performed on your vehicle.

Minor Renault Koleos Service

During a Minor Koleos Service, we run a diagnostics check and replace a number of vehicle consumables. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • We replace the engine oil and the oil filter
  • We replace the brake and clutch fluid
  • We replace the cabin air pollen filter (if necessary)
  • We add a Renault Approved Fuel Additive (if necessary)
  • We do a Renault Koleos Software and Firmware Update (if necessary)

Major Renault Koleos Service

A Major Koleos Service is one of the most important maintenance procedures we perform on your vehicle. It not only includes a detailed diagnostic check but also offers the opportunity to replace or service all of the following items:

  • We check the air conditioning and heating systems
  • We check the battery
  • We check the brake lines, hoses, and connection
  • We check the brake pads, callipers, and discs
  • We check the engine cooling system
  • We check the driveshaft and CV boot
  • We check the exhaust system
  • We check the front suspension and ball joints
  • We check the fuel filter, fuel lines, hoses, and fuel connections
  • We check the fuel tank air filter system
  • We do a full transmission check
  • We check the parking brakes
  • We check the steering gear rack, linkage and boots
  • We check the fuel vapour hose and fuel filler cap

Please note that if any issues are found during these checks we will notify you before performing any additional charges. If your Koleos Service Plan or Warranty cover any issues found we will also inform you of the fact.

Book a Renault Koleos Service

To book your Renault Koleos Service in either Cape Town or Johannesburg please use the booking form found on this page or contact us directly at one of our dedicated Renault Service Centres. You can find our contact details and service centre addresses on our “contact us” page by clicking here.


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