Courier companies love the Renault Kangoo
The Renault Kangoo

2020 Renault

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Getting the Goods Delivered

Getting goods from A to B, on time and intact is a huge responsibility, and is one quality courier companies take very seriously. A reliable courier is one of the cornerstones of many businesses, and the cornerstone of a good courier company is their fleet of delivery vehicles. This is why the Renault Kangoo Express is the number one choice when it comes to reliability, economy, style and space. Designed and built with practicality at the forefront, this stylish workhorse adds value to any business with delivery and collection needs. Whatever your cargo the Kangoo Express will get it there safe, sound and stress free.

A Savvy Space for Carrying Cargo

With cargo space large enough to fit a pallet, the Renault Kangoo Express offers you, the courier, the chance to transport large parcels and packages. It is 147.6cm long and has a width of 121cm between the wheel arches, allowing you to fit more inside. The increased loading area and payload of up to 800kg means that you can transport more on any designated route, therefore your business can grow as your delivery loads do. A handy feature of the Kangoo Express is the sliding door on the side of the rear cabin which gives easier access for awkwardly large packages. The asymmetrical rear doors open up 180 degrees giving easy and unhindered access when loading and off loading.

All the Bells and Whistles

At Renault we have seriously considered what courier companies require in order to transport goods as efficiently, safely and reliably as possible: Roof racks to maximise carrying capacity; Tow bar for extra loads; Plastic floor fitting for interior vehicle protection; Mud flaps for those “off the beaten track” delivery destinations; Rear park assist as well as a specially fitted alarm, and the blocked out windows add a further security measure; Fog lights to improve driving safety. With clever features like the note box which holds ‘ post its’ and a range of storage compartments, including one in the central dash for holding A4 documents and an overhead parcel shelf for larger items like notebooks and diaries the Kangoo is a mobile office.

Make the right impression

Function and form. These have both been considered in the design of the Kangoo Express. At Renault we understand that appearances really do matter and therefore have created a courier van that not only delivers the goods, but looks great while doing it! The clean lines give reason to sit up and take notice of this vehicle. The front the bumper, bonnet and wings provide a sturdier looking frame and the bold new Renault branding stands out against the black grille give the Kangoo a look that says it means business. The clean lines highlight the efficient “no nonsense” attitude. The sides and rear of the vehicle are kitted out with closed off windows hiding the goods inside for added security, at the same time, providing an ideal blank canvas for branding.

Fuelling your business to go further

Renault have built the Kangoo Express with couriers in mind – the streamline design and superior handling add to the excellent fuel consumption figures of 10.9l/100km. We understand that when it comes to keeping vehicles on the road running costs need to be kept down, so not t only is the Kangoo Express very economical on fuel, like all models from Renault, the Kangoo Express comes with 150 000 km/ five year warranty, 60 000 km/ three year service plan and is backed by the Renault Promise.

Perfect Synergy: Courier and Kangoo

With the Kangoo Express, Renault have created a vehicle that really delivers all the goods. There are so many added features that make this the number one choice when it comes to courier vehicles: the new wider, lower body offer great road handling, particularly when cornering: the improved stability and safety means that your goods will get to their destination without any damage; the braking system allows that your drivers to come to a standstill from 100 km in a space of 40 metres, giving further protection to your cargo. Kitted out with air conditioning, a comfortable driver’s seat and spacious interior, dash-mounted gear lever, door handles and other controls the Kangoo offers driving comfort too. It really is the perfect partner for any courier company. Contact one of our dealerships to put your courier company in the fast lane and Test Drive a Renault Kangoo Express today.


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