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Renault Family Cars

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Renault Family Cars: Excellence in family driving

Renault is no stranger to producing great Renault family cars, with over fifty years of excellence in Renault family vehicles. Your family vehicle no longer has to be just about maximizing space – the Renault family line of cars today bring a balance of safety, size, practicality, and style to the road. With standard safety features essential to any family car, such as driver, passenger, and side airbags, anti-lock braking systems with emergency brake assist, electronic stability control, and even blind-spot detection systems, the Renault family line ensures peace of mind for you and your precious cargo. Adding the comfort and convenience of touchscreen displays, Bluetooth connectivity, and steering wheel mounted controls, among others, guarantees that you’ll arrive in style.

Perfect Renault Family Cars

Renault offers family cars to meet the needs of any family, whether the trendy city life is your style, or weekend trips to the bush. Small family cars produced by Renault will make for the ideal city commuter, while a Renault family van can accommodate any size crew. Book a test drive with Group 1 Renault to check out the Renault family cars that will meet your needs.

Renault Kadjar

If your idea of a family night out is a trip into town to the trendiest of markets, look no further than the Renault Kadjar. Sizeable to accommodate the family in comfort, yet sporty enough to impress in the city, the Kadjar achieves the perfect balance to qualify as a Renault family car. Round up the family and start cruising in your new Kadjar today.

Renault Captur

For moms constantly on the go, the Captur is the ideal choice to drop the kids at practice, pick up dinner on the run, and meet the girlfriends for a much needed wine night. Don’t miss another playdate, check out the Captur now!

Renault Megane

Hearing Renault Megane family car may not be what you think when you first see this flashy hatchback. With road hugging looks and sleek lines, the Megane invokes images of performance, yet the versatile hatchback has ample space and optimal safety features for the whole family. Check out the the Megane and get on the road!

Renault Duster

If escaping urban life on the weekends is more in line with your agenda, then the Renault Duster is for you. Large enough to almost call a family van, this sleek SUV can tackle the tarmac to the trail and anything in between. No need to to skimp on the amenities, as the refined interior will keep the whole family comfortable and entertained. Visit the Renault Duster page today for more information.

So whether you need a vehicle to cart around the soccer team or take on the road trip of a lifetime with your family in tow, we are standing ready to help you choose the perfect Renault for you from our range of Renault family cars. Get in touch today or book a test drive.


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