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Renault Duster Service

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Everything You Need To Know about Your Renault Duster Service

Before you read any further, why not take a look at our Renault approved video that explains exactly why a Renault Duster Service is so important to the resale value and continued well being of your amazing crossover vehicle!

As you can see, an approved Renault Duster Service is an important part of maintaining the optimum running condition of your Renault Duster Crossover. It will allow you to extend the lifespan of the vehicle and help improve its overall performance and resale value over time.

Renault Duster Service Intervals

With Renault Duster Service Intervals of 15 000km, there is plenty of time to enjoy the reliability and fuel frugal fun of owning a Renault Duster. Please book your Renault Duster into our dedicated Renault Service Centre at our showrooms in Stellenbosch or Johannesburg at every Service Interval to help ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle. Please check your Duster Service Manual that you would have received with your vehicle to find out more!

Why Choose Us for Your Renault Duster Servicing?

When you entrust us with the servicing of your Renault Duster you will benefit from our competitive servicing prices, outstanding workmanship and high levels of Renault mechanical repair training. This will allow you to make the most of your maintenance plan or simply take advantage of our mechanical and electronic repair expertise. Our team of of specialist Renault trained technicians will always ensure that they take the best care of your vehicle and always offer you the most appropriate and cost effective solution to any automotive problem.

The Advantages of a Renault Duster Service

Leave your Renault Duster in the hands of our service crew and you’ll enjoy a 1 year parts and labour warranty on all work that is performed on your vehicle during the course of the service. We’ll also ensure that we provide you a “no surprise” Fixed Price Duster Service Menu that will guarantee that you enjoy a clear and transparent view of all potential service costs.

Contact Us About a Renault Duster Service Plan

Save money with a 3 year / 45 000km Renault Duster Service Plan! Simply contact us today at our service centres in Johannesburg or Stellenbosch to find out more. Not only will this service plan ensure that your vehicle stays in tip top condition, but it will also ensure that you retain as high a resale value as possible.


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