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Don’t fool yourself. Our April deals on
the Captur, Sandero Stepway and Duster are no joke!
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  We are not fooling around this April!
Hello [firstname,fallback=]. Did you know that a popular theory about the origin of April Fool’s Day involves the French that changed their annual calendar during 1564 for their new year to start on 1 January and not 1 April? Pranksters stuck paper fish to the backs of anyone still adhering to the old calendar, hence the term ‘April Fish’, which to this day remains the term for April Fools in France. While the 1st of April is safely behind us you will be excused for thinking that our crazy April deals on the Captur, Sandero Stepway and Duster are pranks! Most definitely not! Read more below.
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  The Renault Captur Expression  #CaptureLife #AddEcstasy  
Renault Captur
  Get the Captur with Smash & Grab, Tow bar and Free Central Armrest
The French are well-known for fooling around and falling in love and with our April deal on the passionately beautiful Renault Captur Expression you will be a fool for love in no time! Built to deliver the ecstasy of the drive, the Captur does not disappoint when it comes to exquisite design, superior technology and safety and world-class fuel efficiency. Now you can get living in a Captur from R3,199pm that includes a tow bar so you can hitch-up for that spontaneous get-away, smash and grab for added safety and a free central armrest to keep all your gadgets neatly in one place. We dare you, be a fool for love and fall in love with the Captur... Book a Test Drive. T&C’s apply
  Our Favourite Features:
 •  ABS & EBD
 •  Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
 •  Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
 •  Front & Side Airbags
 •  MediaNav® 7″ touch screen
 •  Automatic climate control
 •  Cruise control
 •  Rear parking distance control
  Monthly Installment From R3,199pm*   Request a Test Drive  
  The Renault Sandero Stepway 66kW Expression  #VaVaVoom.  
Renault Sandero
  Get the Stepway with Smash & Grab, Tow bar and Free Tom-Tom Navigator
If you are the kind of person that chooses your ride with an ‘I-ain’t-nobody’s-fool’-kinda-attitude, you will instinctively know that the Renault Sandero Stepway will resonate with everything you are and everything you want out of a car! Sassy French looks, bursting with power, packed with snazzy Renault tech, fuel consumption that pleases the pocket and safe to the hilt… you can just envision yourself zipping around town turning heads, right? To sweeten the affair even more, you can now get the Sandero Stepway with Smash & Grab, a Tow bar and a Free Tom-Tom. No, this is no tomfoolery, go check it out. Book a Test Drive now. T&C’s apply
  Our Favourite Features:
 •  ABS + Emergency Brake Assist
 •  Hill Start Assist (HSA)
 •  Electronic Stability Programme
 •  Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
 •  Front Passenger and Driver Airbags
 •  Isofix System in Rear Side Seats
 •  Remote Central Locking
  Monthly Installment From R2,299pm*   Request a Test Drive  
  The Renault Duster  #Big #Beautiful #Efficient  
Renault Duster
  Get the Duster with R14,000 Trade-in or Discount and Smash & Grab
With April being the month where a certain amount of foolishness is allowed, we went a little moggy with our Renault Duster deal this month! The Renault Duster Expression has a knack of kick-starting impromptu adventures, a presence on the road that says; "Let’s go fool around for the weekend!". Never a dull moment! Start the adventure in a new Renault Duster with our R14,000 Trade-in or Discount deal and we add Smash & Grab. They say spontaneity makes for the best memories. Go for it! Book a test drive in the Duster right now. T&C's apply
  Our Favourite Features:
 •  ABS + Emergency Brake Assist
 •  Driver and Passenger Airbag
 •  Front Head/Thorax Side Airbags
 •  Satellite Music Controls
 •  6 Function On-board computer
 •  Rear park sensors
 •  Cruise control
  Monthly Installment From R2,999pm*   Contact Us  
  This Month's Featured Used Vehicles  
  2015 Renault Duster  
  2016 Renault Clio  
  2016 Renault Kadjar  
  Duster 1.6 Dynamique
49,000 Kilometers
Stock Number: 30UCR00072
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  Clio 66kW turbo Blaze
15,000 Kilometers
Stock Number: 30DEM00034
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  Kadjar 96kW TCe Dynamique
22,000 Kilometers
Stock Number: 30KAD00002
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  2015 Renault Sandero  
  2015 Renault Clio  
  2015 Renault Duster  
  Sandero 66kW turbo Expression
25,759 Kilometers
Stock Number: 50URE86440
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  Clio 66kW turbo Expression
36,302 Kilometers
Stock Number: 50URE85203
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  Duster 1.6 Dynamique
62,835 Kilometers
Stock Number: 51URE02284
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