Renault Group Takes Sustainability Leaps With ElectriCity

Renault EV manufacturing plant

Renault’s ElectriCity at the Douai site

The saying goes, ‘if you want something done properly, do it yourself,’ and this is definitely one of the drivers behind the latest bold move the Renault Group has taken to pave the way for sustainability throughout their e-vehicle production cycle and beyond.

Renault ElectriCity is officially the largest and most competitive EV production facility throughout Europe, comprising no less than three manufacturing plants in northern France. The powers of the Douai, Maubeuge and Ruitz factories in Hauts-de-France combined has now established the facility as the beating heart of Renault’s strategic Renaulution plan.

Make electric vehicles widely accessible and reach an annual output of more than 400,000 electric vehicles by 2025.

This is the big and important goal Group Renault has set for itself, and the establishment of ElectriCity is a big part of the plan to do so. By bringing together a full ecosystem of suppliers under one umbrella, the automaker and its brands will be able to innovate more readily, respond to market forces more nimbly and reduce costs across the board by trimming down their production margins.

According to Luciano Biondo, Director of Renault ElectriCity, the enterprise stands as a symbol of Group Renault’s technical know-how and yen for innovation. The newly established conglomerate also has the well-being of its employees in mind and seeks to become the benchmark in the automotive industry by developing a robust industrial model.

To this end they are in agreement with all trade unions, and place a firm focus on employee engagement and facilitating constructive social dialogue and building a strong local presence in the community of which it forms a part.

Another reason to get excited about ElectriCity is the amazing space it creates for research and development by bringing the best and brightest minds working on e-vehicles together to address challenges in the industry from various points of view. Just imagine what they will be able to achieve with all that thinking power working towards a common goal!

Renault ElectriCity is just one of the ground-breaking developments that the Renault Group is championing to drive sustainability throughout the e-vehicle supply chain and beyond! Check back soon for more insider insights.

We look forward to bringing this amazing e-vehicle technology to South African shores soon. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with our teams in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg to learn more about the Renault models we currently have available.

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