TRAFIC SpaceClass: First Class Travel on Four Wheels

Renault Trafic SpaceClass

Renault Trafic SpaceClass

Up to now, first class travel has been a thing for the rich and famous. The extreme luxury of flying first class is something most of us dream of. But is also something many will never experience, that was until Renault unveiled its TRAFIC SpaceClass. Not only is it now possible to experience comfort and opulence but you don’t have to go thousands of feet up in the air to do it. No, with the Renault TRAFIC SpaceClass you can cruise at ground level in all the style associated with high flying first class.

A departure from Renault’s traditional passenger vehicles, the SpaceClass is stylish, sophisticated and elegant, yet superbly simple in design. It’s sleek and refined silhouette coupled with the high-quality interior make it a leader among other passenger vehicles. But what really sets the TRAFIC SpaceClass apart from the crowd is that its dynamic internal seating configuration creates a passenger cabin that is comfortable, luxurious and in a class of its own, regardless of how many passengers is it set up for.

Elegance Personified - The Renault Trafic SpaceClass

Elegance Personified – The Renault Trafic SpaceClass

Seating up to 9 people with more than 50 possible configurations, the SpaceClass offers the ultimate executive travel experience. With benches and sliding seats on rails that can be taken out or swivelled, seats that can turn to face each other or be setup in rows, a removable central table and exceptional leg room, the SpaceClass is the final word in five-star travel on the road. The seats themselves have been specially designed for comfort, offering adjustable arm and back rests. The passenger cabin has its own air conditioning and heat adjusting mechanisms to create the perfect temperature. individual LED reading lights and a variety of charging points and USB ports mean that this THE executive mobile boardroom. The dark tinted windows offer passengers privacy and anonymity.

The Renault Trafic SpaceClass Offers Unparalleled Interior Comfort

The Renault Trafic SpaceClass Offers Unparalleled Interior Comfort

The leather and chrome interior finishes add touches of elegance, while the Comet Grey metallic paint finish make this the final word in refinement and luxury. Simple, sophisticated and discerning, it is little wonder then that the TRAFIC SuperClass made its red carpet debut at the 70th Cannes International Film Festival earlier this year.

While not available in South Africa, the TRAFIC SuperClass looks set to take world class luxury passenger carrying to the next level. We will have to wait and see if it will hit local Renault showrooms.

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