Kick the competition to the kerb with the Kangoo

Hit the road to success with the Renault Kangoo Express

The Renault Kangoo Express is an asset to any business. This zippy little utility vehicle has been designed with your business in mind. The ideal delivery van, the Kangoo Express not only gets the job done, but does so with that quintessential French flair that we have come to expect from Renault.

Practical and stylish, the two seater Renault Kangoo Express gets the goods there on time, every time. Whether you are a delivery business or just deliver as part of your business, the Kangoo Express is the final solution when it comes to small business transport solutions. Large enough to fit a pallet in the back, but small enough to dart around city streets, it’s a no brainer. The Kangoo Express is the final word in workhorse vehicles for small to medium sized businesses who value reliability, value for money and a no nonsense, hard work attitude.

Recently redesigned and updated, the Kangoo Express has been given a new, updated lease on life. Strong lines, bold and strong features and the altogether more robust body give this little commercial vehicle a big attitude. Ready to tackle any task, the Kangoo won’t let you down. Not only is it reliable on the road, the brilliant design means that you can work efficiently too. The side sliding door and 180 degree, asymmetrical rear opening doors create an easy way to load and off load wherever you are. With a load space of 3.5 cubic metres, and a payload of up to 800 kilograms you can carry on, and off, like the professional you are. The driver’s cabin has been cleverly designed with storage space for documents and note books, and has been designed with comfort in mind too.

If you are looking for the perfect partner to add value to your business, look no further than the Renault Kangoo Express! Contact your nearest Group 1 Renault dealer for a test drive now.

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