Renault EZ-ULTIMO Autonomous Shuttle Of The Future


The Renault EZ-ULTIMO Is A New Level Of Luxury

The 2018 Paris Motor Show revealed some jaw dropping concept cars with the Renault EZ-ULTIMO one of the standouts. While this autonomous shuttle may be far from reality, it is a tantalising glimpse into the future of motoring and ride sharing.

Renault has always been forward-thinking and believes that we are on the brink of a new world where shared mobility services will become a widespread necessity. Cities across the world are becoming increasingly congested as more people take to the streets on their daily commute. Consumer trends are changing and people are looking more at ride-hailing services than ever before.

After 120 years of producing quality cars and creating lasting memories, they are now paving the way for a new era of motoring. Some of the key trends will include mobility, connectivity and the intersection of new services. Renault is embracing the future where their vision is all about making customers’ lives easier. Whether it’s a car, a truck or a futuristic robo-vehicle, the future of motoring is electric, connected, autonomous and shared.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO Concept Shuttle

Previous concept cars from Renault include the EZ-Go robot taxi and the EZ-Pro but now, the EZ-ULTIMO portrays the epitome of an all-electric, futuristic self-driving limousine. All three concept vehicles are based on the same front-wheel-drive electric platform with Level 4 autonomous capabilities. This means that no driver is involved and the vehicle relies on radar, lidar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to remain connected to infrastructure and a central command centre.

The interior of the Renault EZ-ULTIMO matches the luxurious exterior and features marble surfaces, wood panelling, leather and lights with dimmer knobs. The roof has segmented glass panels and the sides are dressed in a lattice structure with blacked-out windows allowing passengers to see outside while maintaining their privacy on the inside. One seat, reminiscent of a swivel armchair, faces backwards while a bench seat is located on the opposite end. A wide automatic opening and the swivelling seats allow for easy passenger access.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO fully encapsulates Renault’s French Design heritage and Easy Life principles. Produced in the spirit of a “coach 2.0”, the EZ-ULTIMO is a comfortable cocoon where three passengers can experience the sites from an entirely new perspective. The private and luxurious interior resembles a sort of contemporary first-class lounge that is accessible to all.

According to Laurens van den Acker, Renault Group’s corporate design director, “For the year 2018, we wanted to really look into the future. The most interesting and exciting development will be when we switch from personal mobility, where you own your own car, to mobility services.”

Fact is, the current relationship we have with our cars will change completely. Renault believes that hotels, airlines or resorts could use the EZ-ULTIMO to provide a luxury shuttle service for guests. The possibilities are endless as private customers could also rent it for special events and either pay per kilometre, per hour or for several days.

Renault has ambitions to bring sustainable mobility to everyone and the trio of 100% electric and shared mobility solutions, helps to cement their vision for a future-friendly mobility system. In the not-so-distant future, autonomous taxis or robo-vehicles like the Renault EZ-ULTIMO could become a familiar sight in cities across the world.

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