The Renault Duster is Built Tough!

The Tough as Nails Renault Duster

How tough you ask? Well how about the fact that a Renault Duster was driven by a 58 year old computer scientist from the French coast, all of the way to the Steppes of Mongolia. This 5 month journey spanned numerous countries and covered a distance of 38 000km, and not once was there a single issue encountered by Caroline Urso as she well and truly put the Duster through its paces.

Who is Caroline Urso?

At 58 Caroline Urso is not your regular computer scientist, and this well travelled lady has already spent plenty of time traversing countries such as Madagascar, Cambodia, and the United Arab Emirates. This is exactly why she knew what type of vehicle she would need to make the arduous trip from the French coast to the Steppes of Mongolia.

Why did she Choose a Renault Duster for the Journey?

After hearing from her brother how good the Renault Duster performed both on and off of the road, Caroline decided to look into how able this SUV would be to take her on the 35 000km trek across both Western and Eastern Europe and on towards Asia.

In her own words she had this to say about the decision to use a Renault Duster:

“My brother has a Dacia Duster and he always spoke very highly of it. The price, which was more attractive than other models in the same category, also played a part in my decision. So I bought a second-hand Dacia Duster 4×4 with 70,000 kilometres on the clock, and had it specially prepared for the trip.”

So What did the Duster Look Like After the Journey?

Take a look for yourself, as these images will show you the Duster took a beating and yet still came out on top.

Exploring with the Renault Duster

The Renault Duster going Offroad

Go off the beaten track with a Renault Duster

Caroline Urso even went on record as saying:

“Given what it went through during the trip, it was in very good condition! I’m impressed, I must admit, that I didn’t have to change a single part during our 38,000 kilometres. Nothing broke, and on my return it was in perfect condition. My mechanic, laughed when he took it down from the bridge to examine it: “Nothing to report, it’s ready to start again”, he said. You know, we were driving on especially difficult roads, in very variable weather. In fact, Mongolia is known for its misshapen “corrugated iron” roads: a succession of holes and bumps. We also crossed some mountain passes over 4,600 metres high and the vehicle didn’t flinch. Only the particulate filter warning light came on because of a lack of ambient oxygen. I didn’t notice any particular wear and tear. Perhaps a few vibrations from the dashboard and the bonnet when we were driving on very uneven roads, but quite honestly I think all the materials aged very well.”

Want to Put the Duster to the Test Yourself?

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