Renault’s 1st Ever Animated Short (Video)

Renault tells the romantic and funny story of a Postman's troublesome pursuit to get closer to his crush

Renault tells the romantic and funny story of a Postman’s troublesome pursuit to get closer to his crush

In keeping with Renault’s venture into the wider arena of mass-media (they recently purchased a stake in a prominent gloss magazine) the carmaker commissioned an animated short film: ‘The Postman’. This humorous, 90 second short showcases the Renault Kangoo Z.E. (Europe’s best selling LVC since 2011) and the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. This is in line with Renault’s commitment to have 8 electric- and 12 hybrid vehicles in its commercial line-up by 2022.

While the benefits of driving an electric vehicle are certainly many, in The Postman the focus is on the silence of the engine. Originally intended for a Valentine’s Day release, the short shows our intrepid postal worker (a mousy string bean with borderline shut-in syndrome) falling for a beautiful homeowner on his regular route. However, his further attempts to see her are unexpectedly stymied…

…the rest of the short follows his misadventures as he tries to dodge her demonic dog. A task complicated by the fact the dog is instantly alerted to his proximity by the coughing, sputtering and wheezing of his delivery van (a vehicle of indeterminate age and pedigree). He is chased, chomped, body-checked, de-treed and dog-boxed (in that order) by the cranky canine.

Then, one morning, instead of his usual jalopy, a shiny new Renault Kangoo Z.E. awaits him in the post office parking lot. Borne aloft by the whisper-drive* of the electric engine, he flies under the snoozing dog’s sensitive radar. Finally: the big delivery. Though no words are spoken, sparks fly. The short closes, quite aptly, with this message: ‘Everything begins with an electric moment.’

The Kangoo is, of course, also available in South Africa. But if you were planning on a stealth mission, bad news: the Z.E. is exclusive to Europe. But the fuel variant does enjoy an increased 800kg payload possibility, paired with a 3m³ load volume. 180 degree rear swivel doors and a sliding side door panel make the Kangoo perfect for all small business / fleet delivery needs. It would also fit a shark-diving cage, to keep your belle’s lawn sharks from your throat – so all is not lost.

Test drive a Kangoo today and see why it is perfect for you and your business.

*not an actual thing

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