French Flair In Alleviating Impaired Mobility

Nino Robotic Wheelchairs

Renault Partners with Nino Robotics

Nino Robotics is a French company that develops and manufactures mobility devices for people with disabilities or impaired mobility. Think wheelchairs, but on the next level.

If there is one thing that attracts Renault, it is innovation in transport. The company’s Social and Sustainable Impact Department has therefore signed a partnership agreement with Nino Robotics. They will provide financial and technical support to further improve Nino’s current products and develop new ones, and to take production to an industrial scale.

Let’s look at the products Nino Robotics already has, the ones which attracted Renault’s attention in the first place.

The easiest way to describe the Nino is Segway scooter merged with a wheelchair. It is designed for people with good upper body functionality. There are only two wheels on a single axle. The user goes forward or back by moving the upper body in that direction. The handlebar can be operated by one hand to turn the vehicle. Because the wheels turn independently, the Nino has a zero-degree turning radius. When you stop, struts will deploy to stabilize the vehicle and save battery power.

The Nino only weighs 39kg and is compact enough for a car, train or aeroplane. Speed is 6 – 9 km/hour and distance 25 – 35km, depending on the battery chosen. The Nino is controlled via a smartphone app. This will allow you to check battery charge, adjust settings and even connect with your friends via social media.

The other innovative product is called One. This is a motorised wheel that clips onto any wheelchair. It has a built-in battery that can allow you to travel at 6 -10km per hour, depending on the local regulations. Distance varies from 15 to 30km, depending on the battery chosen. It weighs less than 10kg and is compatible with air transport.

The next project is called Nino4 and will provide mobility to people with varying degrees of impairment. It will have similar functionality to the smartphone app equipped Nino, plus a Follow Me function which will allow a caregiver to remotely control the vehicle. It is aimed at everyone, including the elderly and people with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Nino Robotics gives improved mobility to people who lack this, thereby improving self-esteem, morale and health. With Renault’s financial and technological muscle, it will improve its products and lower costs, making them accessible to more people.

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