Renault Triber Fills A 7-seat Gap In The Market

Renault Triber

Renault’s New 7-Seater Triber

There is a gap in the South African Renault lineup. It sits just above the super affordable and very popular Kwid, a slightly bigger, more versatile model. Full of features, but still very affordable. Enough power, but light on fuel. Enter the brand new Renault Triber.

The Triber is a 7-seat MPV with significant SUV-like features. It is built on the Renault CMF-A platform, same as the Kwid, but heavily modified.

The most notable aspect of the Triber is its modular seating ability. The car comes with innovative new EasyFix Seats, which is more or less self-explanatory. The five seats in the back can be easily removed or folded flat. This allows four mode options which should satisfy most seating/luggage needs.

In its seven-seater mode, it can take a large family on a road trip or half a school soccer team to the game. Need to take the dog and some luggage? Make it a five-seater with large 625L boot by taking out the back seats. Want to take your kids surfing? Make it a four-seater by folding one of the middle-row seats flat so you have space for the surfboards. Or you can remove or fold all the back seats to make it a two-seater with massive load space.

It is a handsome car, yet looks surprisingly compact for a seven-seater. The total length is just under four metres, a limit which in India allows a saving on excise duty. It is driven by the nippy 3-cylinder 1-litre which gives 56kW and 96Nm, with the 5-speed manual or AMT options. Fuel consumption for the manual is said to be around 5-litres/100km.

The Triber is loaded with safety features, including airbags, ABS and EBD all standard on the base model. The interior is well-appointed and gives a sense of solid quality, while the exterior is slick and very Renault. The ride height is impressive and it has an assertive stance that more than hints at SUV.

Like the Kwid, the Triber was developed for the Indian market and is built there. The Kwid has found instant resonance in South Africa and there is no reason the Triber will not do the same. The same price/quality/ride package. At the time of writing, pricing and different variants were not known, but please contact us for more information on the brand new Renault Triber. Its arrival is imminent.

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