Regular AA Checks You Should Be Performing on Your Renault

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Check These Things on Your Renault Vehicle Regularly

You get two kinds of vehicle owners – the kind who fastidiously check their vehicles every day, and those who tend to leave this kind of thing up to the professionals on those occasions they take it for a service. Guess which kind of vehicle owner is consistently safer on the road? The answer, pretty obviously, is the first kind.

We all know that we have to check over our Renault cars, vans and SUVs from time to time, but do you know what you need to check for when you do so? Here is a handy list of factors you should be checking daily, as prescribed by the AA (the Automobile Association of South Africa):

The Condition of Your Tyres

Get in the habit of checking your tyres every time before you drive off. Be sure that none of them are deflated, missing a valve cap or have a foreign object (e.g. nails or pieces of wire) stuck in the tyre wall.

The Affixment of Your Number Plates

How secure are your number plates? If they happen to fall off while you’re driving, you will have to replace it (which is not inexpensive), and you’ll be in line for a sizeable fine.

The Covers of Your Lights & Indicators

Are the casings of your lights and indicators intact and undamaged? If you do notice a crack, make a point of having it repaired as soon as possible to lessen your odds of being involved in a collision.

The Soundness of Your Bodywork

Take a look at your bodywork. If you notice anything amiss, e.g. a loose bumper, damaged side mirror, etc. have it repaired as soon as possible – it could fall off while you’re driving.

The Condition of Your Windscreen & Windows

Also take a good look at the condition of your windscreen and windows. If you notice a chip, you can have it filled at a reputable auto glass provider before it becomes a crack, thereby saving yourself a fair amount of money.

TOP TIP: In a rush? Remember this acronym – FLOWER. It stands for Fuel, Lights, Oil, Water, Electrics & Rubber. Keep it in mind when you go over your vehicle to ensure that you check the most important aspects of its performance and safety capabilities.

Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months as we share more helpful advice on maintaining your Renault vehicles and staying safe on the road while you enjoy its inimitable performance. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with your nearest Group 1 Renault dealership to test drive the current models we have on offer!

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