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The Renault Megane RS Trophy

From its first release all those years ago, the Renault Megane has become an iconic symbol of the brand. Over the years it has evolved to become one of the best selling, most recognised cars on the the roads. Combine the brilliance of the Megane with the knowledge and experience of Renault Sport (Renault Sport Racing and Renault Sport Cars are two divisions within Renault that deal specifically with motorsports and performance models, and are collectively known as Renault Sport.) and the end product is pure performance pleasure, also known as the Megane RS.

The Megane RS has been built using Renault’s extensive resources and technology that is usually implemented in our F1 cars. The Megane Sport has been designed as a performance car, but having said that, Renault has created the perfect synergy between everyday driveability and race track performance. Over the years it has been a multi award winner, including the “Best Hot Hatch” from What Car? Magazine in the UK for over four years, and the “Highest placed non supercar” in Evo’s Car of the Year test.

But that was then, and this is now…

Today, the Megane RS is a top class, high performance vehicle built for the road with the track in mind. There are two models available in the RS range – the Lux and the Trophy. The Megane RS Lux comes standard with all the usual trimmings you have come to expect from Renault – superior design,, advanced technology, exceptional safety standards and Renault’s Formula 1 racing influence is startlingly apparent. It drives like a champ!

The Megane RS Trophy is the Lux’s big brother. The Trophy taps into Renault’s racing heritage and culture like no other model. It is a combination of innovation, experience, everyday and the very special all rolled into a high octane ride that surpasses expectation when it comes to driveability. Getting behind the wheel of the Megane RS Trophy you feel the pure, unadulterated passion with which it has been created.

Release your inner Alonso and test drive a Megane RS today. Contact your nearest Group 1 Renault dealer for more details.

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