Electronic Dual-Clutch Duster (EDC) Launches in SA

Renault Duster will soon be available with a Electronic Dual-Clutch

Renault Duster will soon be available with a Electronic Dual-Clutch

Since its launch in 2013 the Renault Duster has been a regular sight on South African roads thanks to its distinctive looks and popularity with SA drivers looking for a well-priced, reliable, economical and safe SUV. This popularity was even given a bit of a boost in 2016 with the small yet significant facelift that ensured that the vehicles looks stayed updated and even more attractive. This year (2017) however, a new addition has been made to the range, and it goes far beyond just pure looks, as Renault South Africa has introduced its first Duster automatic derivative.

Duster in South Africa

From 2013 until now more than 12,000 Renault Dusters have been sold in South Africa (and more than 2 million globally), but all of these locally sold vehicles have either been a five-speed petrol driven manual gearbox, or a six-speed manual gearbox diesel version. As from September however, this will all change, as there will be an Electronic Dual-Clutch Duster (EDC) version of the Duster available in SA.

This EDC version of the Duster will only be available with a diesel engine, but this should come as no surprise to Duster fans, who have helped to ensure that 63% of Renault Dusters sold in South Africa have been of the diesel-powered variant. Additionally, the mating of the EDC and the Renault Dusters Diesel Engine has had some with some seriously good side effects, as the engine torque has been increase from 240Nm to 250Nm (without effecting fuel consumption) because of the pairing.

Be One of the First to Drive a Duster EDC

If you’re reading this you’re either already a Duster fan, or just plain curious about why the Duster is so popular in South Africa (and around the world). Either way, we suggest that you get in on the Duster EDC action as soon as it is available on showroom floors, and become one of the first people in South Africa to enjoy a test drive of this fun SUV.

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