Celebrating The Renault Clio: 30 Years Of Memories

New Renault Clio and Renault Clio I

New Renault CLIO E-TECH Hybrid and Renault CLIO I

Very few people don’t know about the Renault Clio whether it’s the first model from 1990 or the latest Renault Clio V. Whether you own one or not, there’s no denying the significant impact this little hatchback has had over the years and will likely continue for some time.

A lot can happen in thirty years, especially if you consider how quick market trends change which affects consumer behaviour. Carmakers must have their finger on the pulse at all times to meet and exceed the needs of active clientele. The Renault Clio has been a stalwart through the ages, preserving the DNA that has made this city car such a success.

How The Renault Clio Became A Best-Selling Car

Since it first made an appearance in 1990, the Renault Clio has become the French automaker’s best-seller across the globe with more than 15 million units sold. Not only has the Clio been crowned the favourite car of the French since 2013 but it’s also regarded as B segment leader in Europe.

However, it’s so much more than just the commercial performance as the Renault Clio symbolises adventure and possibilities within Renault and beyond. Over the years, the Renault Clio only changed when it needed to and in places where it mattered most.

Even though today’s fifth-generation Renault Clio is more modern, more athletic, it’s taken all the best aspects from the four previous generations to continue the legacy. Here’s how the Renault Clio came to be and what it learned from experience:

  • The first Clio has “everything of a great” and, like the Clio V, borrowed technologies from vehicles in higher segments
  • From the Clio II, it took the very high standards of interior comfort
  • The Clio III encouraged a change to the dimensions in terms of perceived quality
  • From the Clio IV, it adapted a stronger design which was also the inspiration for the entire modern-day Renault range
  • More importantly, the latest Renault Clio V is still a perfectly safe vehicle as the automaker adapted over time to get the coveted rating of 5 Euro NCAP stars

Celebrating The Renault Clio In Style

To mark the Clio’s 30th anniversary in August, Renault set up an operation called ‘Clio Generation’ with the hashtag #ClioGeneration. The idea behind this concept was that almost everyone has a story with a Renault Clio and they wanted people to share it.

In August, the Renault Group’s social networks were buzzing with loads of interesting content, including archive photos, videos and interviews with insiders. However, the real fun came from many great Clio stories which people shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Since August 23rd, Renault has launched an advertising campaign “The next chapter of a great story”. This new European campaign by Publicis tells the story of a mother and her son who evolve together with the Renault Clio from the first generation to the latest Clio E-TECH Plug-In.

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