Renault Shows Off Future Van Concepts

Posted by on 20 Jun 2019 under Concept Cars, News, Renault Kangoo, Renault Trafic

Renault Future Vans

Renault Vans Of The Future

Europe’s high-margin van segment is about to get even more competitive as Renault shows off their light-commercial vehicle range. The French automaker hopes to build on their already impressive leadership within the highly contested market with a few new faces.

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TRAFIC SpaceClass: First Class Travel on Four Wheels

Posted by on 18 Aug 2017 under Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic SpaceClass

Renault Trafic SpaceClass

Up to now, first class travel has been a thing for the rich and famous. The extreme luxury of flying first class is something most of us dream of. But is also something many will never experience, that was until Renault unveiled its TRAFIC SpaceClass. Not only is it now possible to experience comfort and opulence but you don’t have to go thousands of feet up in the air to do it. No, with the Renault TRAFIC SpaceClass you can cruise at ground level in all the style associated with high flying first class.

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The Renault Traffic: The Entrepreneur’s Badge of Success

Posted by on 01 Sep 2016 under Renault Trafic

The Renault Traffic 1.9 Diesel Van

The Renault Trafic van lies on the cutting edge, where service and style meet. It is obvious to see that the designers behind the Traffic had in mind an owner-operator: someone with the proper appreciation of superb engineering and creature comfort, who has the fortitude to roll up their sleeves and jump right in.

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