Groupe Renault At The Forefront Of Electric Mobility

Posted by on 22 Oct 2018 under News, Renault, Renault Twizy, Renault Zoe

Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault Continuously Moving Forward

Groupe Renault has always been a forward-thinking car manufacturer and leads Europe’s efforts in developing electric vehicles. Electric mobility is, after all, the core of their strategy. If they weren’t already ahead, the recent agreements signed with EDF, Total and ENEL cements their place in pole position.

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Renault Launches E-Vehicle Car-Sharing Service in Paris

Posted by on 13 Sep 2018 under News, Renault Twizy, Renault Zoe

Moov'in Paris E-Vehicle

Moov’in Paris E-Vehicle

When it comes to innovation, Groupe Renault takes great pride in staying ahead of the curve. As such, our international counterparts’ recent trailblazing collaboration with the ADA in Paris does not come as a surprise. By pooling their respective resources, Renault France and the local vehicle rental agency will be giving Parisians the option of getting around using a short-term, E-vehicle car-sharing service.

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Twizy Post

Posted by on 20 Apr 2018 under Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy - The New Face of The Seoul Post Office

Renault Twizy – The New Face of The Seoul Post Office

Come rain or shine or snow, Renault will deliver! At least, that is what South Korea’s Postmaster-General has set out to prove. Perhaps the quirkiest commercial car on the road today, the Renault Twizy is not something we would ever expect to see, rubbing shoulders with South African bakkies and jeeps. But the miniscule electric runabout might be exactly what Seoul’s post office needs.

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