Celebrating The Renault Clio: 30 Years Of Memories

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New Renault Clio and Renault Clio I

New Renault CLIO E-TECH Hybrid and Renault CLIO I

Very few people don’t know about the Renault Clio whether it’s the first model from 1990 or the latest Renault Clio V. Whether you own one or not, there’s no denying the significant impact this little hatchback has had over the years and will likely continue for some time.

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The Origin Of E-Tech: Part I – LEGO

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LEGO Renault Gearbox

Renault LEGO Gearbox

LEGO has many uses. It teaches children fine and gross motor coordination, as well as creating stuff in three dimensions. It also teaches parents of children who play with LEGO not to walk around barefoot at night. This is the story of an adult who used LEGO to solve a crucial puzzle blocking hybrid cars.

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Renault’s 50-Year History With Dacia

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Dacia Logo

Renault & Dacia’s History

It is called Renault Bucharest Connected and finally unites the disparate Dacia facilities Renault bought 20 years ago in one modern complex. This includes an ultra-modern design centre with state of the art resources. There are digital design and modeling facilities and 30 designers and model makers from around the world.

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A Tale Of Two Halves Featuring Bond’s Renault 11 TXE

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Renault 11

Bond’s Renault 11 TXE

This one is for all the James Bond fans who will fondly remember Roger Moore in 1985’s A View To A Kill. Who can forget the scene along the River Seine where 007 chases an airborne Grace Jones with a Parisian Taxi? Well, that 1984 Renault 11 TXE stunt car is for sale through the Orlando Auto Museum.

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Behind The Scenes With Groupe Renault’s Design Director

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François Farion

Groupe Renault Design Director: François Farion

Groupe Renault has been a leader in the automotive world for some time and now we meet the man behind the scenes. François Farion is Groupe Renault’s Design Director responsible for colours and materials. When you hear “Star Black”, “Ultra Violet” and “Chili Orange”, what thought comes to mind first? Your answer should be François Farion.
We take a closer look at the man responsible for much of the design creativity and his incredible passion for his job which consists of imaging, research, colour creation and material selection for the exterior and interior of Renault vehicles.

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A Journey Through Time Part 2:

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The Roaring 20’s to the Swinging 60’s and Beyond

Renault History

Renault History

The 1920s was a time where the people of Europe were throwing off the shackles of shackles of war. There was peace across the continent, and the winds of change were blowing. While Renault was very much in tune with the general feeling, as one of the leading motor industry innovators since the company’s inception in the 1880s, this era of modernisation was nothing new to the French car company.

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A Journey Through Time Part 1: The Early Years

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It is hard to imagine that the multinational automobile giant that is Renault was started by three brothers in a workshop at their family home in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris, where the company’s head office remains today. The journey began in 1889 when brothers Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault setup Société Renault Frères. Louis, an enthusiastic engineer, was the driving force behind the vehicle production and design while his two brothers saw to the business side of things. The very first vehicle, or voiturette, was produced as a prototype, an experiment. When Louis showed it to several of his friends they were amazed, in fact when he took one of his father’s friends for a test drive the car was purchased straight away, and so the first ever Renault was sold.

The cars that were produced, and still are, have made Renault world leaders when it comes to cutting-edge design, engineering and car technology, always breaking new ground. From the very first Model A voiturette to the futuristic concept cars, Renault holds poll position when it comes to automobile design, technology and innovation.

Type A – With a front mounted engine, shaft transmission with universal joint and direct drive gearbox, this lightweight automobile was launched in 1899 when the three Renault brothers showcased it in the Amateur Drivers’ cup where they took first and second place.

Renault Type A

Renault Type A

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