New Renault Clio, Captur And Kiger Coming To SA In 2021

Posted by on 28 Jan 2021 under New Car Launches, Renault, Renault Captur, Renault Clio, Renault Kiger

Renault Captur, Clio and Kiger

The 2021 Renault Captur, Clio and Kiger

We often discuss exciting car launches overseas, but then have to end with a disclaimer that we do not yet know if and when these models will be sold here. But it seems when the news finally arrives, it comes in droves. 2021 will be a massive year for Renault South Africa.

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Renault Confirms Development Of Next-Gen Nissan Micra

Posted by on 27 Oct 2020 under Renault Clio

New Nissan Micra Becomes A Rebadged Renault Clioa

New Nissan Micra Becomes A Rebadged Renault Clio

Despite some initial reports earlier this year suggesting a bigger focus on Renault in Europe, the Nissan Micra is not on the chopping block. Fact is, the next-gen Nissan Micra is facing an exciting prospect as its set to align closer to the Renault Clio.

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Celebrating The Renault Clio: 30 Years Of Memories

Posted by on 15 Sep 2020 under News, Renault, Renault Clio, Renault History

New Renault Clio and Renault Clio I

New Renault CLIO E-TECH Hybrid and Renault CLIO I

Very few people don’t know about the Renault Clio whether it’s the first model from 1990 or the latest Renault Clio V. Whether you own one or not, there’s no denying the significant impact this little hatchback has had over the years and will likely continue for some time.

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Hooray For The Renault Hybrids

Posted by on 17 Mar 2020 under News, Renault, Renault Captur, Renault Clio, Renault Megane

Renault Hybrids

Renault Hybrids: Clio E-Tech, Captur E-Tech & Megane E-Tech

Imagine driving to work and back again in the afternoon, without using petrol. Yet being able to go away for the weekend without worrying about charging your battery. Welcome to the world of the hybrid.

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Comparing The Renault Kwid, Sandero and Clio

Posted by on 14 Nov 2019 under Renault, Renault Clio, Renault Kwid, Renault Sandero

Renault Cars

Renault’s Kwid, Sandero & Clio

The French automaker has made its impact in South Africa and around the world for some time. Their small budget cars have taken centre stage with the likes of the Renault Kwid, Renault Sandero and even the Renault Clio.

Now, they’ve even gone one step further with their #GetCloser initiative and we take a closer look at what that means for Renault drivers. At the same time, we wanted to highlight some of the features to remind everyone just how good the Renault Kwid, Renault Sandero and Renault Clio are.

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Introducing The All-New Renault Clio With Hybrid Option

Posted by on 25 Mar 2019 under New Car Launches, Renault Clio

2019 Renault Clio

2019 Renault Clio

The latest Mk5 Renault Clio has been made official at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and comes with a new design and features. There will be a number of different models including a hybrid version with a new E-Tech hybrid engine developed by Renault. At the moment, there are no indications whether the new Renault Clio will be available in South Africa but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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The New Renault Clio Is Sleek And More Dynamic Than Ever

Posted by on 19 Feb 2019 under Blog, New Car Launches, News, Renault, Renault Clio

New Renault Clio

The New Renault Clio Coming To South Africa

Considering the resounding success of the previous Renault Clio stock, the air is filled with anticipation ahead of the fifth-generation Clio. It will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show starting on March 7th. The latest edition Renault Clio is reportedly a sleeker, more dynamic and connected version than ever before.

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Renault Clio RS 220 EDC Trophy Improving The Hot Hatch Sector

Posted by on 24 Dec 2018 under Blog, Renault, Renault Clio

The Renault R.S. 220 EDC Trophy

The Renault R.S. 220 EDC Trophy

Looking at the hot hatch segment, the big boys have dominated it for some time until now. The rise of super hatches such as the Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy has also impacted the smaller segment when compared to the Fiesta ST and the VW Polo GTI.

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We Rate the Ltd Edition Clio R.S.18 F1

Posted by on 12 Jun 2018 under Renault Clio

The Limited Edition Edition Clio R.S.18 F1

The Limited Edition Edition Clio R.S.18 F1

Unless you’ve been out of the country, or staying away from the mainstream South African motoring press for the past few months, you’ve probably already heard of the recent launch of the limited edition Clio RS 18 F1. Built to commemorate Renault’s 40 year of Formula 1, this amazing piece of automotive artistry is based on the Clio RS 220 EDC Trophy, but offers prospective drivers so much more that you could ever imagine.

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2019 Clio Spotted!

Posted by on 25 Apr 2018 under Renault Clio

The 2019 Clio has been on the drawing board for some time. Braving the public eye for the first time earlier this year, the 2019 Clio is seen: heavily hidden behind camouflage wrap. (A contact adhesive layer meant to fool the eye with crazed patterns.) In addition, Renault has obviously swapped in some false body-panels to further hide the true form of the 2019 Clio. None of which has managed to hide a few salient facts.

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