Why The New Renault Sandero Stepway Is A Good Car

Posted by on 08 Feb 2021 under Blog, Renault Sandero

Azurite Blue Renault Sandero Stepway

2021 Renault Sandero Stepway

First launched in 2009, the Renault Sandero entered the fray as a budget hatchback and has been a popular option for small families in South Africa. Since 2009 they have sold more than 64 100 units of the Renault Sandero and over 30 500 Renault Sandero Stepway variants since their inception in 2011.

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Introducing The Future-Ready Renault CMF-EV Platform

Posted by on 02 Feb 2021 under Blog, Electric Vehicles, General, Renault

Renault CMF-EV Platform

Renault’s Modular Electric Platform CMF-EV

In a united effort, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance pooled all of their skills and resources to create an impressive new CMF-EV platform. It is effectively a redesigned version of the current CMF platform that Renault is already using to underpin most of its vehicles. There are several versions including the CMF-A, CMF-B, CMF-C/D with the Renault CMF-EV platform being the most recent.

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Same Great Car – Now With Great Range: 2021 Renault ZOE

Posted by on 14 Jan 2021 under Blog, Electric Vehicles, Renault Zoe

Renault ZOE

The 2021 Renault ZOE

The electric vehicles (EVs) that catch our attention tend to look as expensive as they are, or be a bit odd. Willy Wonka or Disneyland cars. But most of us drive normal cars, when not an SUV, then most likely a five-door hatch. When you move from your ICE hatch looking for an EV substitute there is one car that stands out.

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Renault Duster Bakkie Could Top The Charts In South Africa

Posted by on 28 Dec 2020 under Blog, General, News, Renault Duster

Renault Duster Bakkie

Dacia’s Duster Pick-Up

The history of half tonners in SA is a long one as the selling points were always convenience and nimbleness. Remember the Ford Bantam and Nissan 140? Now, there could be a new kid on the block in the shape of a Renault Duster bakkie.

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The Super Cool Renault Kwid Ultra Limited Edition

Posted by on 21 Dec 2020 under Blog, New Car Launches, News, Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid Ultra

Renault’s Limited Edition Kwid Ultra

The Kwid, Renault’s best seller in South Africa, has now received a new layer of desirability. A highly exclusive layer, it must be said. The new Renault Kwid Ultra Ltd Edt is super cool, but there will only be a hundred of them.

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The 2021 Renault Kangoo Strikes The Perfect Balance

Posted by on 07 Dec 2020 under Blog, New Car Launches, Renault Kangoo

2021 Renault Kangoo

Renault’s 2021 Vans

Renault has been the experts in the LCV market for more than 120 years and leaders in Europe for 21 consecutive years. They’ve now combined all of their knowledge and experience into making the new Renault Kangoo and Renault Express vans.

To meet the exceeding expectations and needs of all its customers, the new Renault Kangoo and Renault Express have been unveiled for the overseas markets. Both the Renault Kangoo and Express will be available in LCV and passenger car versions. They plan on marketing and launching this complimentary range of vehicles from spring 2021.

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Fremau’s Lego Gearbox Finds Destiny In The EOLAB

Posted by on 24 Nov 2020 under Blog, Concept Cars, Renault

Renault EOLAB hybrid Drivetrain

Renault’s EOLAB Hybrid Drivetrain Installation

We last left Fremau and his Lego gearbox trying to convince the big men at the factory that the Lego contraption could be turned into an actual gearbox and that this gearbox will not only work in real life, but can be made at an acceptable cost.

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An MPV That Looks And Feels Like An SUV – Renault Triber

Posted by on 11 Nov 2020 under Blog, General, Renault, Renault Triber

2020 Renault Triber

The Triber Is THE MPV To Have

It looks like an SUV, it feels like an SUV, it drives like an SUV, therefore it must be . . . a people mover. Aaargh, the Renault Triber is an MPV! Wait, is that a bad thing?

Ten years or so ago the MPV was the king of the suburbs. Mom would collect all the kids in the area from school in one trip. Dad could take Jimmy and a bunch of his mates fishing, or the whole family and some friends would go camping in the MPV.

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The Origin Of E-Tech: Part II – Renault Type A

Posted by on 22 Sep 2020 under Blog, General, Renault

Renault Type A With Dog Gearbox

Renault Type A With Dog Gearbox

In part I of this series we talked about gearbox specialist Nicolas Fremau using Lego to design and refine his solutions to integrating electric and internal combustion propulsion to allow these to work seamlessly together, and at the same time create the foundation for the cars of the future.

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The Origin Of E-Tech: Part I – LEGO

Posted by on 31 Aug 2020 under Blog, Renault, Renault History

LEGO Renault Gearbox

Renault LEGO Gearbox

LEGO has many uses. It teaches children fine and gross motor coordination, as well as creating stuff in three dimensions. It also teaches parents of children who play with LEGO not to walk around barefoot at night. This is the story of an adult who used LEGO to solve a crucial puzzle blocking hybrid cars.

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