Renault Google Cloud Deal To Accelerate Industry 4.0

Posted by on 06 Aug 2020 under News, Renault

Renault Partners With Google Cloud

Groupe Renault Has Teamed Up With Google Cloud

Groupe Renault has announced a strategic industrial and technological collaboration with Google Cloud to help digitise their production facilities, supply chains and accelerate Renault’s transformation to Industry 4.0.

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The New Renault Mégane RS 300 Trophy Launched In SA

Posted by on 30 Jul 2020 under New Car Launches, Renault Megane

Mégane RS 300 Trophy

2020 Renault Mégane RS 300 Trophy

The first generation Mégane RS Trophy was introduced in September 2005, based on the Renault Mégane II small family car. It has come a long way since then with the latest, ultra-exclusive Renault Mégane RS 300 Trophy. South African motorists have the opportunity to own one of just seven cars that have been made available.

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African Renaissance: New Cars For Africa

Posted by on 23 Jul 2020 under General, Renault

African City

Renault Wants To Bring Mobility To Africa

“If you build it they will come” has been a theme in many stories, some fiction and some business case studies. In Africa, it is more complicated than that. Renault has been looking at Africa and its car markets.

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The New Renault Koleos SUV Gets A Makeover

Posted by on 14 Jul 2020 under New Car Launches, Renault, Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos Updates

2020 Renault Koleos

The current Renault Koleos was introduced to South African motorists early last year reflecting the French automaker’s styling genesis from the 2012 Renault Clio. Now, the company has decided to up the ante with its flagship SUV by adding a few subtle touches in addition to already receiving an electronic handbrake and a powered tailgate.

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Driving The Future: Part 4 – Blockchain

Posted by on 08 Jul 2020 under General, News, Renault

Renault Blockchain Diagram

Groupe Renault has been working on blockchain technology since 2015

When you say blockchain, you think cryptocurrency. When you think cryptocurrency, you either run a mile or sell the family farm so you can invest. Many financial gurus have grave doubts about cryptocurrencies, but this story is not about them. It is about the blockchain technology that underpins them and how this is a crucial step in the new mobility Renault envisages.

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African Renaissance: Renault Is Looking For Unicorns

Posted by on 24 Jun 2020 under General, News

Agriculture in Africa

Renault Is For Looking Businesses In Africa To Change Africa

Renault is looking for unicorns in Africa. Not the sparkly horses with the pointy heads, the other ones. It’s looking for new businesses that combine innovation with technology to change the lives of a region, a country, even a continent.

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What The New Renault Electric SUV Could Be Like

Posted by on 17 Jun 2020 under Electric Vehicles, Renault Kadjar, Renault Zoe

Renault City K-ZE

Renault City K-ZE

There’s some good news from the French automaker as they are working on a potentially new Renault electric SUV. While the Renault ZOE is certainly a convincing addition to their range, they need an SUV to take on the ever-growing, competitive EV market.

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Can Road Safety Innovations Ensure A Better Tomorrow?

Posted by on 10 Jun 2020 under Autonomous Cars, News, Renault

Renault Driving Aids

Renault Road Safety Innovations

As many of us will attest, driving today is nothing like it was 50 years ago. For older generations, seat belts were the only road safety features on most cars but that landscape has changed significantly.

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Renault Drive the Future: Part 3 – New Mobility

Posted by on 05 Jun 2020 under Autonomous Cars, Concept Cars, News, Renault

Renault EZ-GO

Renault EZ-GO Concept Car

New mobility is to us what the Model T was to them in 1908. And while the Model T took four or so decades to fully supplant the horse, new mobility will be with us much sooner. South Africa’s small population and few large cities will probably delay the demise of your car parked in your driveway for now. But not forever.

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How Renault Used 3D-Printers To Make Medical Visors

Posted by on 27 May 2020 under General, News

EMTs with Visors Printed By Renault

Renault’s 3D-Printed Visors

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the world affecting nearly every sector as the lockdown continues with no end in sight. While it’s hard to find good news during these challenging times, the way individuals and companies have responded is uplifting and that includes Renault using 3D printers to make medical supplies.

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